AIS 25 for 25 Campaign
Celebrating our History, advancing our future
The 25 for 25 Campaign

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Association for Information Systems. Throughout the rest of the year, AIS will celebrate our members, our research, and our service to society through the 25 for 25 Campaign.


“The 25 for 25 campaign celebrates our first 25 years and lays the foundation for the next 25 years through activities to advance the field of information systems, both small and large,” said AIS President Alan Dennis. “Since our founding, AIS has been a leader in supporting those in our field. The 25 for 25 Campaign celebrates the strategic vision that our past leaders and members had for the future of IS.”


Beginning July and throughout the rest of 2019, we will announce the 25 initiatives. Initiatives range from birthday parties for AMCIS and ICIS, to a new partnership with a major industry leader and a project to address climate change


AIS is excited to announce three winners of the recently announced AIS - Bocconi PhD Student Travel Grant.


The Ph.D. Student Travel Grant Program is named after Bocconi University.  ICIS 2013 in Milan Italy was chaired by Ferdinando Pennarola and Jorg Becker and hosted by Bocconi University.  This Award is named after Bocconi University in recognition of their successful hosting of ICIS 2013 in Milan Italy and their generous contributions to the Association. 


Winners of the award include Shadi Esnaashari, Afef Awadid, and Ibrahim Inway.


Esnaashari, from University of Auckland, is a third-year PhD student and will be presenting at AMCIS 2019 in Cancun. Awadid, from University of Paris will be presenting the paper "Overlap-driven approach for the conceptualization of consistency preserving modeling tools" at AMCIS 2019. Inway, from American University of Nigeria, has presented at the UK Academy for Information Systems, as well as at IFIP 2019 in Tanzania.


Candidates for the award were selected based upon the progression in their doctoral program, the benefits of attending a conference and their role as an author, reviewer, attendee, presenter or other form of participation. To learn more about the AIS & Bocconi PhD Student Travel Grant, please visit

 #1: Celebrating AIS at AMCIS 2019

The first initiative of the 25 for 25 Campaign is honoring AIS Members contributions toward serving society in the advancement of knowledge and excellence in the study and profession of information systems over the past 25 years.  This celebration highlights 25 years of our community's contributions in teaching, researching and expanding the field of information systems.  

AMCIS 2019 in Cancun, Mexico will include interactive history displays, special announcements, and a social event filled with surprises set against a gorgeous waterfront backdrop.

The 25 for 25 Campaign: #3 IS 2020: Recommendations for undergraduate degree programs in IS

AIS, in collaboration with ACM and EDSIG, is pleased to announce the formation of the IS 2020 Task Force to develop the next generation of undergraduate curriculum recommendations, and invites you to volunteer to help. This initiative is part of the 25 for 25 Campaign to advance the field of Information Systems.

AIS has contributed to the development of curriculum recommendations in Information Systems throughout its lifetime. Soon after its founding in 1994, AIS participated in the development of IS’97 Model Curriculum and Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Systems, followed by IS 2002 and IS 2010 at the undergraduate level and MSIS 2000, MSIS 2006, and MSIS 2016 at the graduate level. These documents were all developed in collaboration with ACM and in some cases also with AITP/EDSIG. These curriculum recommendations have been widely cited and used around the world.

Given this history, it is highly appropriate that one of the 25th anniversary initiatives for AIS is the launch of the process to revise IS 2010 and develop a new curriculum recommendation for undergraduate programs in IS. The IS 2020 project is a collaborative effort between AIS, ACM and EDSIG, bringing together the coalition that successfully developed IS’97 and IS 2002. It is co-chaired by Hannu Salmela (University of Turku; AIS; and Paul Leidig (Grand Valley State University; ACM; The task force was established during the 2018-19 academic year, and it will have its first face-to-face meeting in the context of AMCIS 2019. The task force represents the global reach and membership of all participating organizations, bringing together eleven members from five countries and four continents: Hannu Salmela (AIS co-chair), Paul Leidig (ACM co-chair), Greg Anderson (Brigham Young University, AIS), Jeffry Babb (West Texas A&M University, EDSIG), Lesley Gardner (University of Auckland, AIS), Jay F. Nunamaker (University of Arizona, ACM), Brenda Scholtz (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, ACM), Venky Shankararaman (Singapore Management University, AIS), Raja Sooriamurthi (CMU, ACM), Mark Thouin (UT Dallas, ACM), and Carina de Villiers (University of Pretoria, AIS). Many thanks to the task force members!

As the earlier initiatives, the IS 2020 project will be a highly interactive one, reaching out to the members of AIS, ACM, and EDSIG and broad range of industry representatives to ask them to share their views and experiences to guide the task force and provide it with ideas to consider. In addition, the task force will be studying the use and usefulness of earlier curriculum recommendations within institutions of higher education. The project as a whole is an exciting opportunity for the global Information Systems community to come together and articulate our latest thinking and best practices regarding undergraduate education, one of our key reasons for existence. The task force and AIS leadership invite you to participate actively in this important initiative—thank you in advance for your contributions!

The 25 for 25 Campaign: #4 AIS/IBM Global Conference Partnership

To promote AIS as a global association working toward serving society, AIS and IBM have created a first-of-its kind Global Conference Partnership in conjunction with the 25 for 25 Campaign.

This Global Conference Partnership initiative connects IBM Academic programs with AIS members throughout the globe with workshops at each of our association’s major conferences, as well as the AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference.

At AMCIS, ECIS, PACIS and ICIS IBM will feature half-day pre-conference workshops free for attendees. At AMCIS, IBM-Z – The Secret to Security, Hybrid Cloud, Open Source, IoT and DevOps will be presented on Thursday, August 15. During the workshop, attendees will learn what makes unique mainframes architecture the perfect platform for the most advanced cybersecurity, machine learning, APIs, IoT, cloud and DevOps. Attendees get hands-on with a variety of pre-packaged hands-on activities ready to use in the classroom, computing club and other events.

“We are so excited to partner with IBM and help bring real-time hands-on experience to our members,” said AIS Associate Executive Director Matt Nelson. “This partnership helps us to promote the association as a global leader for excellence in information systems research, practice and education.”

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