Digital Object Identifiers

AIS will be implementing the addition of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) into all current AIS Journals. DOIs are unique alphanumeric strings of characters used to identify journal articles, websites, or other items of intellectual property (typically in digital form).

Why use DOIs?

DOIs help to not only streamline research, but also help to alleviate issues with broken reference links.  DOIs are considered persistent identifiers and are becoming standard for scholarly articles and data sets.

How to assign DOIs to your publications?

Adding DOIs to existing publications is easy. 
Instructions for Assigning DOIs to Articles 

Submitting DOI’s to the AIS Office

After accepted papers are formatted and assigned a volume, paper number, and month of publication by the editor.
1. Editors will assign a DOI number to the articles.
2. Editors will complete the DOI number spreadsheet. 
3. Editors will submit DOI spreadsheet to AIS office.

Please use this spreadsheet as guidance in adding DOIs to articles. 
DOI Submission Spreadsheet.

Once completed, please submit your DOI spreadsheet to Carmita Johnson at AIS (add submission link here).The AIS office will maintain a master list of DOIs, as well as enter all assigned DOIs into CrossRef.


If you have any questions, please contact Carmita Johnson.

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