Admin Bulletins

Administrative Bulletins

These bulletins provide background and direction on various administrative matters. These are extensions of AIS Bylaws but do not replace the bylaws.

Number Subject Area Topic
  2010.1103.1  Journals  Approval for affiliated journal status
  2010.1023.1  Journals  Process for applying for official journal status for AIS Chapters  and SIGs
  2011.0201.1  Conferences  Registration services from AIS
  2011.1115.1  Communities  AIS-hosted webinars
  2012.01.08  Communities  SIG and chapter websites
  2012.22.06  Publications  AIS author membership verification process
 2014.0224.01   Research  Code of Research Conduct
  2014.0224.02  Research  Guidelines for a Victim: Dealing with Plagiarism
 Research  Research Conduct Committee Guidelines for Editors
 Guidelines for Uploading Proceedings to the eLibrary
 SIG and College Financial Information and Processes
 2016.0614.01  Conferences  AIS Conference Websites

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