European Conference on Information Systems

The annual European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) is viewed as one of the leading conferences on information systems and the only AIS conference dedicated to the European Region. ECIS is the newest regional conference endorsed by the AIS Council and governed by the AIS Region 2 Board. Full proceedings of all past ECIS can be downloaded from the AIS eLibrary.

Upcoming Conferences

Previous Conferences

  2017: Guimaraes, Portugal 2012: Spain 2007: Switzerland 2002: Poland 1997: Ireland
  2016: Turkey 2011: Finland 2006: Sweden 2001: Slovenia 1996: Portugal
  2015: Germany 2010: South Africa 2005: Germany 2000: Austria 1995: Greece 
2019: Stockholm, Sweden 2014: Israel 2009: Italy 2004: Finland 1999: Denmark 1994: The Netherlands
2018: Portsmouth, UK  2013: The Netherlands 2008: Ireland 2003: Italy 1998: France 1993: United Kingdom 

If you have any questions about ECIS, please contact the AIS Region 2 Representative or the AIS Chief Operating Officer.

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Please note: If traveling to a conference, check the conference website for hotel room blocks or other conference-specific travel information.


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Region 2 Bylaws

Composition AIS Region2 Board

The AIS Region2 Board is composed of the conference chairs, program chairs and doctoral consortium chairs of the past, current and future ECIS conference. Furthermore, a secretary (chair) and the AIS Region2 representative complete the Region2 board.

Currently, the board consist of the people listed below (past=2019, current=2020, future=2021).

Region 2 representative AIS(as of July 1st) - Tilo Böhmann - Germany
Secretary - Remko Helms - The Netherlands

ECIS 2019                          

Paul Johannesson - Conference chair -  Sweden
Pär Ågerfalk - Conference chair - Sweden
Remko Helms - Conference chair - The Netherlands
Jan vom Brocke - Programme chair - Liechtenstein
Shirley Gregor - Programme chair - Australia
Oliver Müller - Programme chair - Denmark
Rikard Lindgren - PhD consortium chair - Sweden
Netta Iivari - PhD consortium chair - Finland                      

ECIS 2020                          
Frantz Rowe - Conference Co-chairs - France
Redouane EL Amrani - Conference Co-chairs - France
Moez Limayem - Conference Co-chairs - United States
Sue Newell - Programme Chairs - United Kingdom
Nancy Pouloudi - Programme Chairs - Greece
Eric van Heck - Programme Chairs - The Netherlands
Michel Avital - Doctoral Consortium Chairs - Denmark
Ojelanki Ngwenyama - Doctoral Consortium Chairs - Canada/South Africa

ECIS 2021                          
Roman Beck - Conference Co-chairs - Denmark
Dana Petcu - Conference Co-chairs - Romania
Marin Fotache - Conference Co-chairs - Romania
Remko Helms - Programme Chairs - The Netherlands
Lazăr Rusu - Programme Chairs - Sweden
Sabine Matook - Programme Chairs - Australia
Tuure Tuunanen - Programme Chairs - Finland
Martin Wiener - Programme Chairs - United States
Wim van Grembergen - Programme Chairs - Belgium
Hanna Krasnova - Doctoral Consortium Chairs - Germany
Izak Benbasat - Doctoral Consortium Chairs - Canada

Region 2 Board Meeting Agendas

Conference Reports

Upcoming Region 2 Board meetings

  • April 1, 2020 online meeting
  • June 2020 in Marrakesh, Morocco

Before the formation of the Region2 board, the ECIS conference was governed by the ECIS Standing Committee (link: since its inception in 1993.

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