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AIS Colleges

AIS colleges are a communities of colleagues with similar professional interests or roles. Colleges are dedicated to connecting like-minded AIS members to help them excel in their professional endeavors related to the topic of the college.

AIS colleges were first established in 2015. Below is our current list of approved colleges:

How do I start an AIS college?

Starting a college is easy! First, review the list of current colleges above to see if your area is already covered by an existing college. If you don’t see one, click here for more information on how to start a college.

How are AIS colleges managed?

Each college will be coordinated by a leadership group. Each group may have a different structure, but they generally follow the standard president, president-elect/vice-president, secretary, and treasurer model. Once you have joined a college, the college officers are your best source of information about the college.

Where can I see more information for college leaders?

The AIS Community Leader resource page will provide you with the necessary information, resources and inspiration to meet the goals of your group.

Questions? Contact the AIS Vice President of SIGs and Colleges or AIS Communities Manager.

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