AIS & Bocconi - PhD Student Travel Grants

AIS & Bocconi - PhD Student Travel Grants


AIS Council approved the funding of the AIS & Bocconi University PhD Student Travel Grant Program during the AIS Council in March 2019.  The Ph.D. Student Travel Grant Program is named after Bocconi University.  ICIS 2013 in Milan Italy was chaired by Ferdinando Pennarola and Jorg Becker and hosted by Bocconi University.  This Award is named after Bocconi University in recognition of their successful hosting of ICIS 2013 in Milan Italy and their generous contributions to the Association. 


The program will grant up to three travel related stipends per year of $1,750 per recipient to Ph.D. students enrolled in IS Doctoral Programs (preferably from developing countries) to help cover their cost of traveling to attend AIS Conferences (e.g. ICIS, AMCIS, ECIS, PACIS or AIS Chapter Conferences).  The expenses can include transportation to / from the conference including airfare, taxi, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.  The expenses may not include tuition, registration costs, membership fees, etc.       


The application process will be posted in January of each year due no later than May 1 for travel to AMCIS, PACIS and ECIS, and applications due no later than August 1 for travel to ICIS.  Early applications are strongly encouraged.  Final decisions will be announced no later than May 21 and August 31, respectively. 

Selection Criteria

The AIS Vice President of Membership and the AIS Membership Committee will make the final selection of winners of the AIS & Bocconi PhD Student Travel Grants, using the following selection criteria.  Candidates should be enrolled in Doctoral Programs majoring in Information Systems from Universities located in developing countries.  The purpose of the travel is to attend an AIS Conference, such as (but not limited to) ICIS, AMCIS, ECIS, PACIS or AIS Chapter Conferences.  Candidates will also be evaluated along three lines;

  • Progression in their Doctoral Program
  • Stated benefits of attending the conference
  • Participation in the conference as an author, reviewer, attendee, presenter, other. 


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