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AIS Awards for Education

Each year, AIS recognizes those who have made important and innovative strides in information systems education by awarding three different awards to deserving candidates at the International Conference of Information Systems.

AIS Award for Outstanding Contribution to IS Education

This award recognizes a faculty who has made outstanding contributions to information systems (IS) education.

AIS Award for Innovation in Teaching

This award recognizes innovation in teaching approaches/techniques (pedagogy) as well as in delivering courses and programs. This award specifically focuses on the uniqueness/innovativeness that increases student interest and drives achievement.

AIS Award for Best Conference Paper in IS Education

This award recognizes the importance of pedagogy research in the Information Systems field. Papers that focus on IS education-related topics at any AIS sponsored or affiliated conference are eligible for the award.

If you have any questions about this award, please contact the AIS VP of Education.

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