AIS Education Awards

AIS Award for Innovation in Teaching

This award recognizes innovation in teaching approaches/techniques (pedagogy) as well as in delivering courses and programs. This award specifically focuses on the uniqueness/innovativeness that increases student interest and drives achievement. This award recognizes programs, projects, and activities that demonstrate best practices as well as creative uses of technology to enhance teaching and learning. It also recognizes educators for their innovative uses of teaching techniques in the classroom.


You may either nominate yourself or a colleague. In your nomination package (no more than 10 pages), you must include the following:

  • Cover sheet containing full contact and affiliation information of the nominator and nominee
  • Description of the innovative application – explain why it is an innovative and unique approach
  • Support for its effectiveness in the classroom
  • Educational objective(s) of the approach
  • Sample teaching and learning materials. Any material providing additional support
  • A copy of the nominee’s CV (not included as part of the 10 pages)

Please send all completed nomination information to to the AIS VP of Education, Heikki Topi.


The nominee must be an AIS member. Members of the AIS Council and selection committee are not eligible for consideration.

Previous Winners

2019: Wu He, Old Dominion University
2018: Riana Steyn, University of Pretoria
2017: Ilia Bider, Stockholm University; Martin Henkel, Stockholm University; Stewart Kowalski,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Erik Perjons, Stockholm University
2016: Jan Marco Leimeister, Kassel University
2015: Oliver Krancher, University of Bern, Switzerland
2014: JP Allen, University of San Francisco
2013: Jan vom Brocke, University of Liechtenstein
2012: Trevor T. Moores, ESSEC Business School

If you have any questions about this award, please contact the AIS VP of Education, Heikki Topi.

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