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SIGGAME (Game Design & Research)

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The Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group on Game Design and Research (SIGGAME) aims to explore the relationship between information systems and human and artificial playfulness.

In 1795, the German philosopher Friedrich Schiller wrote on this: „Der Mensch spielt nur, wo er in voller Bedeutung des Wortes Mensch ist, und er ist nur da ganz Mensch, wo er spielt.” – “Man only plays, where he is in the full meaning of the word human, and he is only there fully human, where he plays.”

For humans, playfulness is part of life, in fact, ever since and across the history of mankind, we learned, progressed, and evolved also because (and despite) we play. Games in sports are often a simulation of surviving in nature; social games often sharpen the mental, creative and cognitive abilities – thus simulations of nature’s central selection routine—survival of the fittest—without the risks typically associated with it. 

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