The Well-Being Project

 Timeline for AIS Well-Being Project The AIS Well-Being Project
1. Initial Well-being Survey
Open to all members of the IS community until October 1. 

During this time of rapid change due to COVID-19 (commonly known as coronavirus), AIS would like to understand how we can best support you in our ongoing efforts to put your health, safety and well-being first. Understanding your current work environment and any uncertainty you may face will help us better support you.

In order to move forward research and subsequent initiatives surrounding the needs of our members in challenging times, we have created a committee to focus on the well being of our members.

The AIS Membership Well-being Project Committee includes:

  • Ryan Wright - University of Virginia
  • Helle Henriksen - Copenhagen Business School
  • Atreyi Kankanhalli - National University of Singapore
  • Saonee Sarker - University of Virginia
  • Virpi Tuunainen - Aalto University
  • Edgar Whitley - London School of Economics


To obtain more information about the study, ask questions about the research procedures, express concerns about your participation, or report illness, injury or other problems, please contact:

Ryan Wright, MBA, Ph.D.
University of Virginia
Phone: 1-434-924-8501


2. Analysis Understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on IS academics. 

3. Develop Well-being Framework

Understand how the entire IS community can support the health, safety, and well-being of its members.

4. Follow-up Pulse Surveys
Distribute monthly pulse-check surveys to members of the IS community beginning November 1.


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