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AIS Community Proposal Instructions

We are excited that you are considering starting a new chapter, college, or SIG! AIS Communities are a great way for you to connect with local members, share research with like-minded colleagues, gain leadership experience in AIS, and get the most out of your membership in AIS. Below is the necessary information and forms to start a chapter, college, or SIG. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the AIS Communities Manager.


The following items are a part of the new AIS Community application. The amount of information needed per section varies, but at most a few paragraphs. Guidelines are given in the application for the length of each section.

Click here to complete the online application! 

Click here for information to collect before completing the application.

  • Name of the proposed chapter/college/SIG
  • Names and institution information for 10 active AIS members who will act as the officers and founders of the chapter/college/SIG
  • Draft bylaw document. Communities must adopt the AIS bylaws template. Communities are free to add to it as they see fit, but not remove any sections from the document.
  • Background Statement
    • Chapters: define the regional area and who you will serve
    • Colleges : define the professional interest or role of the target audience
    • SIGs: define the content area of the SIG
  • Positioning Statement
    • Chapters: describe similar chapters in other associations, and related AIS groups, if any, and how the overlap should be managed
    • Colleges: describe similar groups in other associations, other associations, or related AIS groups, if any, and how the overlap should be managed
    • SIGs: describe similar SIGs in other associations, and related AIS SIGs, if any, and how the overlap should be managed
  • Summary of proposed benefits/services and costs (resources and dues for members)
  • Resources needed to start chapter/college/SIG (anticipated costs)
  • CV of the member submitting the proposal

Review Criteria

The following criteria are considered in reviewing new Community applications:

  • AIS membership status of founding members
  • Definition and positioning
  • Appeal
  • Services promised
  • Costs (in light of services promised)
  • Author's knowledge/experience in the group's content area


After you submit the application, AIS staff will review and follow up with you about edits or missing items within three to five business days.

Once all items are verified by staff:

  • The information will be reviewed by the VP of SIGs and Colleges or by the VP of Members and Chapters. Chapters will also be reviewed by the relevant Regional Representative.
  • The VP will then consider the criteria above and accept the application or ask for clarification or modification.
  • After all final edits are made, the VP will either decline the application or place it on the agenda for the next AIS Council meeting.

SIGs, chapters and colleges are approved by the Council of AIS. The AIS Council meets on a quarterly basis. The table below provides target deadlines to ensure consideration for the respective Council meeting.

 AIS Council Meeting
 Draft Submission Deadline
Final Submission Deadline
 March December 15
 February 1
 June March 15
 May 1
 September June 15
 August 1
 December  September 15
 November 1




 Next Steps

After the AIS Council meets and votes on your Community proposal, you will be notified by an AIS staff member of the results.

Assuming the proposal is accepted, you will be granted access to an AIS Community group website. This website will give you a place to interact with your future members. Your Community group page will provide you with the tools to:

  • Email your members
  • Download current roster
  • Host a website for your group
  • Host forums
  • Host a blog
  • Share photos
  • Post papers and research
  • Keep a group calendar

To learn more about the AIS group pages, click here. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the SIG/chapter/college officer resources, which you will find here.

For additional information, please contact the VP of SIGs and Colleges, VP of Members and Chapters, or AIS Communities Manager.

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