AIS Adm Bulletin: Journal Status
AIS Administrative Bulletin  
 Number:  2010.1023.1
 Subject Area:  Journal
 Topic:  Process for applying for official journal status for AIS Communities
 Last Updated:  November 28, 2016

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By definition and as outlined in the AIS Bylaws, Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGS) are officially chartered entities of AIS. As such, they are awarded the privilege of using the AIS logo and name to conduct their operations within the parameters set forth in the Bylaws. Further, these entities are provided with resources from the association which are intended to strengthen, sustain, and grow the entity.

The development of a Chapter or SIG journal is a natural outcome of the efforts of these groups and is an indication of the entity’s strength and vitality. In addition, such journals serve to further advance the field of information systems within those geographic areas (Chapters) and/or subject matter (SIGs.) Therefore, it is incumbent upon the association to solicit, support, and nurture the development of said journals.

This bulletin provides the information necessary to obtain approval for a Chapter or SIG journal. Additionally it contains the terms and conditions SIGs and Chapters must follow to start and maintain official journal status.

If your group is not an officially chartered Chapter/SIG/College, please contact to obtain information about becoming chartered. Obtaining this recognition and official charter status is the first step in being recognized as an official journal of AIS.

If you are representing an existing journal of an entity that is already officially recognized by AIS, and would like to pursue recognition of the journal please contact the for more information.

If you are representing an existing journal that is NOT part of AIS but would like to be considered as an Affiliated Journal of AIS, please review AIS Administrative Bulletin: Approval for Affiliated Journal Status which details steps on becoming an Affiliated Journal. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the AIS Executive Director

Benefits: An entity that is approved to have an official journal receives the following complimentary (free) benefits from AIS:

  • use of the AIS official logo
  • use of the phrase “An Official Publication of the Association for Information Systems”
  • use of the AIS eLibrary to store and promote the group’s publication.
  • promotion of the publication in all AIS materials where publications are promoted.
  • use of the AIS manuscript review system (currently licensed through ScholarOne)

Term: The entity will retain the right to publish an AIS journal provided it: 1) maintains an official charter; 2) is in good standing with AIS; and 3) is in compliance with AIS Bylaws. (See Bylaws Article 8.)

Editorial Board Makeup and Nominations: The entity is responsible for forming an editorial board and selecting the Editor-in-Chief (EIC), all of whom must be AIS members. The VP Publications may appoint one additional board member to the journal for a minimum of 2 years whose duties will be to provide strategic direction and oversight and serve as liaison between the editorial board and the VP Publications.

Reporting to AIS: By December 1st of each year, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal will prepare an annual status report to the VP Publications to report on the strategic direction of the journal. The report should include readership statistics and future editorial plans. This will be reviewed by - the VP of Publications.

Production and Editorial Costs: All costs of producing and distributing the journal are the responsibility of the entity unless otherwise agreed to by AIS. The EIC is responsible for submitting a proposed annual budget and any subsidy requests (if needed) to the VP Publications by January 1st (6 months prior to the start of the AIS fiscal year of July 1st.)

Use of AIS eLibrary as repository: AIS offers the entity access to the AIS eLibrary for purposes of uploading and storing the journal. AIS will provide complete information on how to access the eLibrary. The entity is responsible for uploading in a timely manner new content as it becomes available. The normal annual fee (as outlined in the AIS Statement of Fees) for use of this repository is waived at this time.

Revenue Sharing: At its sole discretion AIS may institute a pay-per-view system in conjunction with managing and marketing its eLibrary. If said system generates revenue based on the sale of articles from the journal, AIS will share those revenues on a 50-50 basis. When the entity’s share of those revenues exceeds $100, AIS will submit payment to the entity in a timely manner but not longer than one month from when the accrued revenues exceed the stated amount.

Use of AIS logo: The entity is required to use the AIS logo on the journal’s website, marketing materials, and other media whether printed or electronic. Further, the tagline “An Official Publication of the Association for Information Systems” is required to be used in conjunction with the official logo. Ownership: The journal will become the property of AIS, which will act as publisher. AIS is responsible for securing copyright protection for the journal. 

Application: To apply for official journal status for your SIG or Chapter, complete the application.

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