AIS Adm Bulletin: Community Funds
AIS Administrative Bulletin  
 Number:  2014.0113.01
 Subject Area:  Community Financials
 Topic:  SIG and College Financial Information and Processes
 Last Updated:  November 28, 2016
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This document is designed to give SIG and College leadership, specifically the treasurer, a quick overview of SIG/College financial deadlines, and processes. Because chapters collect their dues in their local currencies, AIS does not manage their accounts.

For more information on SIG and College financials, please contact AIS Staff at Feedback and questions regarding this document may be directed to the Component and External Relations Manager at

Financial Report Dates

Below is the timeline for the delivery of financial reports. The AIS SIG/College fiscal year is July 1-June 30.

Period Covered Date Sent to Community President and/or Treasurer
 July-September Last week of October
July-February Last week of March
July-June Last week of August

In the event that you need an updated financial report in between the above dates, please email and the staff will assist you.

Accounts Payable 

Because AIS manages SIG/College accounts, we are also responsible for paying money out of these accounts. In order to provide you the best service, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. When being personally reimbursed for a SIG/College related expense please send an email to with the following:
    1. AIS T&E form completed, signed and attached
    2. Attach receipt, invoice or other documentation
    3. In the body of the email please provide additional information, not on the AIS form, that you feel would be helpful.
  2. When submitting an invoice from a company/institution please send an email to with the following:
    1. Invoice attached
    2. Name of SIG/College
    3. Additional information that you think it relevant for staff to know
      1. Example: If the invoice isn’t clear about the service being provided, or the expense relates directly to an activity of the SIG or College. 


Checks are processed on the first and third Fridays of the month. These dates may be adjusted based on volume. During the month of December, when ICIS occurs, the checks will likely be delayed until January. If there is an issue where a check has to be paid sooner, rather than later, please contact and the staff will do what they can to get the payment sent as soon as possible.

Accounts Receivable

Some groups will find sponsors to cover part or all of their workshops, journals, topic conference, etc. In order to assist AIS and receive your payment in the most efficient way, please follow the guidelines below:

If you receive a check that needs to be deposited into your group’s account, please mail it to:
Association for Information Systems
P.O. Box 2712
Atlanta, GA 30301

Please include the following information. If a sponsor or institution is mailing the check directly to AIS, please ask them to include as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Name of SIG/College
  2. Invoice payment should be applied to (if one exists)
  3. What the payment is for (Ex. Workshop sponsorship for ICIS 2015, etc.)
  4. Contact information for person submitting check. This will assist us if we have questions.

Credit Cards

If a sponsor or institution would like to pay by credit card, please have them send a fax to 1-404-413- 7443. If they need to email the information, they can send it to

Invoice Request

If your group requires an invoice for a sponsor or some other entity, please contact and the staff will assist you. Please know that your group is responsible for following up with the invoiced party.

  1. Send an email to with the following:
    1. Contact information of the party to be invoiced
      1. First name, last name and title of the contact (Ex. Dr. James Smith, Dean of IS Department)
      2. Name of institution/business
      3. Mailing address
      4. Email address
    2. Amount to be invoiced
    3. What they are being invoiced for: service provided, workshop sponsorship , etc. If conference related, please include the conference, year, and workshop

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