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The 25 for 25 Campaign: #6 Tackling Sustainability and Climate Change

Tuesday, September 3, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Adeline Border

In mid-2018, AIS SIGGreen member asked “How can the AIS make more meaningful contributions to addressing the global challenges of Sustainability and Climate Change?” The response was to form a working group of SIGGreen members with representatives from all AIS regions to prepare a proposal for action. A draft proposal was presented to SIGGreen members at a pre-ICIS workshop in December 2018.

After further discussions with SIGGreen members and other key stakeholders, a revised  proposal was adopted by AIS as one of the major initiatives of the 25-for-25 Campaign.

The Sustainability Challenge provides opportunities for AIS members to apply their capabilities and experience in AIS’ core competencies to make meaningful contributions to Sustainability and Climate Change. The Sustainability Challenge will be implemented in five stages: Foundation; Research; Education; Advocacy; and Advisory.

The initial event is a pre-ICIS event in Munich – the Sustainability Summit 2019 – which will examine the breadth of contributions by AIS groups and identify opportunities for collaboration among AIS members and groups on future projects. Please join us at the Pre-ICIS Sustainability Summit 2019 to learn more and find ways to contribute. For further information, please contact

The members of the SIGGreen Sustainability Working Group include: Steve Elliot (Coordinator), Pratyush Bharati, Jacqueline Corbett, Wolf Ketter, Johann Kranz, Nigel Melville, Stefan Seidel, Rick Watson and Jane Webster. 

To learn more about the 25 for 25 Campaign, please visit

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