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AIS Special Interest Groups

A special interest group (SIG) is a community within AIS that has a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge in IS. SIGs provide members a way to connect with like-minded individuals in order to affect or produce solutions within a specific knowledge area. SIGs are dedicated to researching, developing and disseminating knowledge based on vast experiences of specific topics in the management and organization of IS.

Where can I find a list of all AIS SIGs?

Click here for a current list of SIGs.

How do I join a SIG?

Interested AIS members in good standing can join or lead a SIG. To do so please login to your AIS Member Portal and select 'Join A SIG' from the options presented in the Membership Profile Information area (please note that most SIGs charge a nominal yearly membership fee). From there you can select from the current available SIGs by selecting the Member option and providing payment information when requested.

How do I start a SIG?

Starting a SIG is a great way to share and receive knowledge on a specific IS topic. Starting a SIG is easy! First, review the list of current SIGs to see if your topic is already covered by an existing SIG. If you don’t see a SIG based on your topic, click here for more information on how to start a SIG.

How are SIGs managed?

Like most organizations, SIGs have a board that directs their activities. The SIG board is usually composed of a President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections are held according to the individual SIGs bylaws. This provides a great opportunity for members to volunteer in a leadership position. After you have joined a SIG and have become involved with the SIG, you should consider an officer position. Reach out to the President of the SIG when you think you are ready!

Each SIG will have a website and/or AIS group page. While each SIG may have a different way of doing things, they will be coordinated by a group administrator or web master. This is an individual who will be responsible for monitoring the SIG's website/AIS group page. S/he may also help keep the SIG AIS group page alive and running by initiating discussion, events, etc. The group admin is appointed by the SIG leadership or members of the SIG. Once you have joined a SIG, a group admin is your best source of information about the SIG. Their contact information is listed on the SIG’s AIS group page. After joining the SIG, you can access the AIS SIG group page by logging into the AIS website and selecting the Groups link under the My Profile section on the right side of the page. Click here for a link of current SIGs.

Where can I see more information for SIG leaders?

The AIS Community Leader resource page will provide with the necessary information, resources and inspiration to meet the goals of your SIG.

Questions? Contact the AIS Vice President of SIGs and Colleges or AIS Communities Manager.

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