Previous and Future Conferences

AIS Members have access to the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) which

is the most prestigious gathering of information systems academics and research-oriented

practitioners in the world. AIS Members also have access to annual regional conferences;

  • Region 1 Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
  • Region 2 European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)
  • Region 3 Pacific Asia Conference on Information System (PACIS)

These four major annual conferences are open to members of AIS and form the cornerstones

of the association. They provide members with unique opportunities for presenting their research,

networking, job placement and collaborating with colleagues from around the globe. The annual

proceedings of all ICIS, AMCIS, ECIS and PACIS conferences are available in the permanent

collections of the AIS eLibrary.


AMCIS and ICIS Committee Members

The following is a list of upcoming AIS conferences, as well as previous locations.

2020 Dec. 10-13 Hyderabad, India Aug.10-14 Salt Lake City, UT

June 15-17 Marrakech, Morocco

June 20-24 Dubai, UAE
2021 Dec. 11-15 Austin, Texas, USA Aug. 5-7 Montreal CAN June 15-17 Marrakech, Morocco
June 20-24 Dubai, UAE
2022 Dec. 11-14 Copenhagen, Denmark Aug. 11-13 Minneapolis June 16-18 Timisoara, Romania
2019 Munich, Germany Cancun, Mexico Stockholm, Sweden Xi'an, China
2018 San Francisco, CA, USA New Orleans, LA, USA Portsmouth, UK Yokohama, Japan
2017 Seoul, South Korea Boston, MA, USA Guimaraes, Portugal Langkawi, Malaysia
2016 Dublin, Ireland San Diego, CA, USA Istanbul, Turkey Chiayi, Taiwan
2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA Puerto Rico, USA Munster, Germany Singapore
2014 Auckland, NZ Savannah, GA, USA Tel Aviv, Israel Chengdu, China
2013 Milan, Italy Chicago, IL, USA Utrecht, Netherlands Jeju Island, Korea
2012 Orlando, FL, USA Seattle, WA, USA Barcelona, Spain Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2011 Shanghai, China Detroit, MI, USA Helsinki, Finland Brisbane, AUS
2010 St. Louis, MO, USA Lima, Peru Pretoria, South Africa Taipei, Taiwan
2009 Phoenix, AZ, USA San Francisco, CA, USA Verona, Italy Hyderabad, India
2008 Paris, France Toronto, OT, CAN Galway, Ireland Suzhou, China
2007 Montreal, QC, CAN Keyston, CO, USA St Gallen, Switzerland Auckland, NZ
2006 Milwaukee, WI, USA Acapulco, MX Gothenburg, Sweden Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2005 Las Vegas, NV, USA Omaha, NB, USA Regensburg, Germany Bangkok, Thailand
2004 Washington DC, USA New York, NY, USA Turku, Finland Shanghai, China
2003 Seattle, WA, USA Tampa, FL, USA Naples, Italy Adelaide, AUS
2002 Barcelona, Spain Dallas, TX, USA Gdansk, Poland Tokyo, Japan
2001 New Orleans, LA, USA Boston, MA, USA Bled, Slovenia Seoul, South Korea
2000 Brisbane, AUS Long Beach, CA, USA Vienna, Austria Hong Kong, China
1999 Charlotte, NC, USA Milwaukee, WI, USA Copenhagen, Denmark Brisbane, AUS
1998 Helsinki, Finland Baltimore, MD, USA Ais-en-Provence, France Singapore
1997 Atlanta, GA, USA Indianapolis, IN, USA Cork, Ireland Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1996 Cleveland, OH, USA Phoenix, AZ, USA Lisbon, Portugal
1995 Amsterdam, NL Pittsburgh, PA, USA Athens, Greece
1994 Vancouver, BC Nijenrode, Netherlands
1993 Orlando, FL, USA Henley-on-Thames, UK
1992 Dallas, TX, USA
1991 New York, NY, USA
1990 Copenhagen, DK
1989 Boston, MA, USA
1988 Minnesapolis, MN, USA
1987 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1986 San Diego, CA, USA
1985 Indianapolis, IN, USA
1984 Tuscon, AZ, USA
1983 Houston, TX, USA
1982 Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1981 Cambridge, MA, USA
1980 Philadelphia, PA, USA

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