The AIS Leadership Excellence Award

About the Award

The Association for Information Systems Leadership Excellence Award will be presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and innovation in the use and development of information systems. It will be conferred at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), which takes place annually in different regions around the world. In addition to receiving the award, the winner will deliver the keynote address at the conference each year.

The AIS Leadership Excellence Award was established in 2015 by the AIS Council, and it was presented for the first time in 2016.

2017 AIS Leadership Excellence Award Winner
Ji-Hoon Rim

Since being named CEO of Kakao in September 2015, Rim has spearheaded innovation in communication, commerce, content and more. Under his leadership, Kakao has strengthened core-businesses powered by the company’s signature mobile messaging platform Kakao Talk and developed new growth engines by investing in fintech, smart mobility and artificial intelligence.

The continued evolution of Kakao Talk has been one of Rim’s key focuses. Kakao Talk Store, a new service that allows for effortless buying and selling via the Plus Friend platform, is scheduled to launch within the year. Kakao Talk Order and Kakao Talk Mart, both launched in the first half of 2017, are receiving positive reviews from users for their easy sign-up process. A reservation service that offers similar convenience is expected to launch within the year.

Rim has also built strong future growth engines for Kakao by co-operating with various partners to create a vibrant artificial intelligence platform. The company is incorporating its Kakao I technology into a wide variety of fields including automobiles, apartments, offline stores, consumer electronics and home services. Starting next year, Kakao plans to make Kakao I available to business of all sizes. The technology is currently being employed in Daum News as well as a number of content and commerce platforms, and Kakao is committed to offering new, innovative business solutions powered by Kakao I, via strengthening existing services, developing new channels, and actively pursuing symbiotic partnerships.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Open to active industry professionals for leadership and innovation in the use and development of information systems. Academics and retired individuals are excluded.
  • Nominees must agree to be physically present to receive the award, substitutes are not acceptable. 

The Selection Process

The recipient is selected by the Association for Information Systems Leadership Excellence Award Committee, consisting of a chairperson, the current, immediate past, and elected presidents of AIS, the AIS executive director, and the ICIS conference chair. The committee solicits nominations and then evaluates each nominee on a confidential basis. 

Munir Mandviwalla is the Chair of the Leadership Excellence Award Committee and he can be contacted here

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