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Eighteenth President of AIS: Doug Vogel

Doug Vogel has been involved with AIS since its infancy and honored over the years beginning as a student in the ICIS Doctoral Consortium (1985). Doug will assume the duties of president in mid-2012. Below is an excerpt from his statement to the membership about his plans for the future that resulted in his election:

In concert with the five strategic goals associated with the revised mission announced by President Joey George on March 1, 2011, I will work to further the global impact and interests of AIS to ride the economic surge in China and India and grow its influence while promoting the field. Region 3 is currently under-represented. The opportunity exists to encourage more membership and institutional involvement. I have begun working towards that end. As an AIS Fellow actively serving in the region for the past 13 years, I am in a position to leverage Western and Asian interests to benefit the membership from all regions. Initiatives include promoting exchange between regions and IS professional certification to encourage enhanced levels of practice engagement in global contexts. For example, I have recently been working with the Chinese Academy of Science to conduct a workshop in conjunction with the forthcoming ICIS conference in Shanghai. The future of our discipline relies on societal emphasis and global involvement with both academic and professional credibility. I look forward to working to achieve that recognition. As one who actively promotes collaboration, I would also like to seek membership suggestions to further promote our discipline and the Association. Based on recent Member Survey Results, the top three priorities are getting published; research with relevance; and curriculum/pedagogy with particular emphasis on knowledge sharing, relevance and new methods/technology. I have been actively engaged in all three areas over the years and intend to follow-up with additional initiatives on these priorities. 

Over the years, Doug served AIS in a number of capacities. For example, he was a member of the AIS Fellow Selection Committee (2009) and the LEO Selection Committee. He co-chaired the ICIS Doctoral Consortium (2009) and was twice one of its faculty members (1999 and 2008). He is an active member of the Education SIG and the Global Development SIG. At ICIS he was twice a track co-chair (2007 and 2009). Doug served on numerous conference program and organizing committees. For publications he was a long-term associate editor of journals, including CAIS and the MIS Quarterly. Locally, he was a founding member and former president (2007) of the Hong Kong AIS Chapter and is currently on the AIS Student Advisory Board following establishment of the Hong Kong Student Chapter. His extensive service to AIS resulted in his being selected an AIS Fellow in 2004 and recognition for Innovation in Education (2004).

After obtaining a BSEE, Doug worked as an aerospace engineer in Los Angeles while obtaining an MS in Computer Science and then as research coordinator for the MIS Research Center while studying for a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota. In a ten year period prior to his Ph.D. studies he was associated with a Colorado electronics manufacturer where he held virtually every technical and managerial position including director of engineering, general manager and member of the board of directors. He began his academic career in 1986 at the University of Arizona where he was deeply involved in the ground-breaking research in group decision support systems. He joined City University of Hong Kong in 1998 as a full professor and was subsequently promoted to being a chaired professor.

He published widely and has been recognized as the most cited IS author in Asia Pacific. Professor Vogel's teaching and research interests bridge the business and academic communities in addressing issues of information system creation and impact on aspects of interpersonal communication, group problem solving, cooperative learning, and multi-cultural team productivity. His interests reflect a concern for encouraging efficient and effective utilization of computer systems in an atmosphere conducive to enhancing the quality of life. He is especially active in introducing group support technology into enterprises and educational systems. His particular focus emphasizes integration of audio, video, and data in interactive distributed group support.

BSEE, 1969, Montana State; MS (Computer Science), 1972, UCLA; PhD (Management of Information Systems), 1986, University of Minnesota.

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