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Co-Editor: Vijayan Sugumaran

Welcome to the ISWorld resources about Decision Support Systems Research and Scholarship. These pages are sponsored by the Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group on Decision Support, Knowledge and Data Management Systems (SIG DSS). The resources are intended to provide a useful starting point for accessing web-based material related to the design, development, evaluation, and implementation of Decision Support Systems (DSS). This overview page includes definitions, software resources, information links, and other services.

DSS Definitions, Resources and References

This section assists you in accessing information about DSS concepts, DSS books, major DSS journal articles (especially literature reviews), and a brief historical narrative on the foundation of DSS research and practice. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

  • DSS Books (maintained by D. Power and P. Gray)

Software Resources

This section assists you in accessing information about DSS software. It contains links to software archives and reviews. Please suggest additional links.

Major DSS Information Links

This section contains links to major Web sites that provide useful information relevant to DSS research.

  • DSSResources.COM (maintained by D. Power) "the knowledge repository about computerized systems that support decision making".
  • Data Warehousing Information Center (maintained by Larry Greenfield) "The purposes of this site are to: help locate vendors of tools to build, access, and manage data warehousing and decision support systems, point to many other sources of information", and provide general information about data warehousing and decision support systems.
  • INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection This is an impressive collection of links and materials related to OR/MS. It is based on Michael Trick's Operations Research Page

Other DSS-related Resources and Services

DSS Page Advisory Board

The DSS Pages Advisory Board operates like a traditional journal editorial review board in many ways ... monitoring the content of the DSS research and teaching pages, identifying new resources, serving as volunteers to review new DSS pages, discussing the direction of the pages, helping when possible as authors/co-authors, etc.


  • Daniel Power, University of Northern Iowa, DSS subject area editor

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