AIS Adm Bulletin: Community Hosted Webinars
AIS Administrative Bulletin  
 Number:  2011.1115.1
 Subject Area:  AIS Communities
 Topic:  AIS Hosted Webinars
 Last Updated:  December 19, 2013
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AIS Webinar Hosting services are for the benefit of AISCommunities with the goal of promoting the growth and development of AIS SIG and Chapter events. This bulletin describes the process to follow to attain said services.

If you have questions about this process, please contact


  1. Send an email to with a request to host a webinar.  The email should include the following information:
    1. Date and time of webinar (including host time zone)
    2. Title and short description of webinar
    3. Presenter information for webinar: name, email, picture, short bio (250 words max)
    4. Moderator information: Name of webinar moderator, email address.
  2. Webinar presenters and moderator should schedule a 30 minute GoTo Meeting software training at least 1 week before the scheduled event.  This will ensure that everyone is familiar with how to navigate through the software during the webinar.
  3. After receiving all of the required information, the AIS office will create the webinar event within the GoTo Meeting software.  The webinar moderator will receive a registration link for the event. It is up to the hosting SIG/Chapter to distribute the registration link to interested members in an invitation.  GoTo Webinar events are able to accommodate up to 500 participants.  GoTo Webinar software is compatible with Mac, Android and mobile products.
    Participants will register via the provided link.  Each participant will receive a confirmation link to the webinar.  Please note: If using Outlook, the meeting link will come in the form of an Outlook appointment—simply accept it and it will appear in Outlook calendar. If you using another email provider, such as Yahoo or Gmail, the invitation will also be sent as a calendar item. 

System Requirements/Recommendations 

  1. This webinar will be conducted via GoTo Meeting. You may need to download the GoTo Meeting client.  The meeting client software will automatically begin to download automatically.  Please allow at least 10 minutes before your meeting to allow the client ample amount of time to download on your system. You’ll probably want to do it now to avoid any delays on the day of the webinar
  2. On the day of the webinar:  the meeting moderator has the ability to save a recording of the webinar for access up to 365 days after the webinar takes place.  Please note that the moderator must be sure to select “Record to Service” under the record tab in the webinar module.  This will save the complete webinar to the GoTo Meeting software for 365. Attendees please log in at least 10 minutes before the webinar.   If you are a presenter, please log in at least 30 minutes before the webinar. 

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