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AIS Honors Information Systems Discipline Leaders

Tuesday, January 14, 2020   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Adeline Border

During the 40th annual International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), leaders from throughout the field of information systems were honored for their continued dedication and service to their profession. Members, educators and volunteers were rewarded for outstanding scientific achievement, service and contribution across many aspects of the field.

 The Leadership Excellence Award was presented to Hasso Plattner, the founder of SAP and a Chairman of the Supervisory Board since May 2003. The Leadership Excellence Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and innovation in the use and development of information systems.

 The LEO Award for lifetime exceptional achievement in information systems recognizes outstanding individuals in the information systems community, both academics and practitioners, who have made exception contributions to research in and/or the practice of information systems. The 2019 LEO award winners were Ritu Agarwal, Michael D. Myers, and Arun Rai.

The AIS Fellow Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the information systems discipline in terms of research, teaching and service. This year, eight outstanding members were honored as AIS Fellows, including Jan vom Brocke, Andrew Burton-Jones, Guoqing Chen, Robert Davison, Ramesh Sharda, Jason Thatcher, Cathy Urquhart, and Jane Webster.


Additional Award winners included:

Sandra Slaughter Service Awards

  • Alanah Mitchell, Drake University
  • Keng Siau, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Katherine Chudoba, Utah State University
  • Lapo Mola, Université Cote Azur
  • Guy Gable, Queensland University of Technology
  • Bernard Tan, National University of Singapore


Senior Scholar Best Information Systems Publication Awards

  • European Journal of Information Systems: “Design principles for sensemaking support systems in environmental sustainability transformations” by Stefan Seidel, Leona Chandra Kruse, Nadine Székely, Michael Gau, and Daniel Stieger
  • Information and Organization: “Collaboration risk management in IT-enabled asymmetric partnerships: Evidence from telestroke networks” by Rajendra Singh, Aaron Baird, and Lars Mathiassen
  • Journal of Strategic Information Systems: “Aligning with new digital strategy: A dynamic capabilities approach” by Adrian Yeow, Christina Soh, and Rina Hansen
  • MIS Quarterly: “Beyond the privacy paradox: Objective versus relative risk in privacy decision making” by Idris Adjerid, Eyal Peer, and Alessandro Acquisti
  •  MIS Quarterly Executive: “Addressing key challenges to making enterprise Blockchain applications a reality” by Mary C. Lacity.


Best Conference Paper in IS Education
Can We Trust Teaching Evaluations When Response Rates are not High? Implications from a Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Jun He, University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Lee Freeman, University of Michigan-Dearborn


 Outreach Practice Publication
Service Automated Book Series

  • Mary Lacity, University of Arkansas
  • Leslie Willcocks, London School of Arkansas


AIS Early Career Awards

  • Christian Maier, University of Bamberg
  • Gene Lee, University of British Columbia
  • Hailiang Chen, The University of Hong Kong
  • Keongtae Kim, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Liangfei Qiu, University of Florida
  • Miguel Godinho de Matos, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
  • Till Winkler, Copenhagen Business School
  • Xiao Xiao, Copenhagen Business School


Innovation in Teaching Award

  • Wu He, Old Dominion University 


AIS Outstanding Contribution to IS Education 

  • Keng Siau of Missouri University of Science and Technology 


AIS Doctoral Student Service Awards

  • Safa’a AbuJarour, University of Potsdam
  • Maheshwar Boodraj, Georgia State University
  • John Correia, Washington State University - Pullman
  • Nikolai Kazantsev, The University of Manchester
  • Fei Liu, Copenhagen Business School
  • Yanran Liu, Georgia State University


Best Theory Paper
Tension Resolution and Sustaining Knowledge Flows in Online Communities

  • Tanner Skousen, University of Georgia
  • Hani Safadi, University of Georgia
  • Elena Karahanna, University of Georgia
  • Fouad Chebib, Mayo Clinic
  • Colleen Young, Mayo Clinic


ACM SIGMIS Doctoral Dissertation Award
Developing Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence from the Online Hacker Community: A Computational Design Science Approach

  • Sagar Samtani, University of Arizona


Kauffman Award Best Paper
Can Social Media Alleviate Inequalities? Evidence from Venture Capital Financing

  • Xiaoning Wang, University of Pennsylvania
  • Lynn Wu, University of Pennsylvania


Kauffman Student Award Best Paper
Hiring Algorithms: An Ethnography of Fairness in Practice

  • Elmira van den Broek, VU University Amsterdam
  • Anastasia Sergeeva, VU University Amsterdam
  • Marleen Huysman, VU University Amsterdam


Best ICIS 2019 Short Paper
Can Conversational User Interfaces Be Harmful? The Undesirable Effects on Privacy Concern

  • Stefanie Sohn, Technische Universität Braunschweig


Best ICIS 2019 Paper
The Value of Alternative Data in Credit Risk Prediction: Evidence from a Large Field Experiment

  • Tian Lu, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yingjie Zhang, The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Beibei Li, Carnegie Mellon University


Matthew L. Nelson says...
Posted Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Wow! This is an Incredible list of Award Winners! Outstanding Conference! Congratulations to all of the winners!

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