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JAIS Introduces New Review Process Option

Friday, January 10, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Pritchett
JAIS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new review process option, JAIS Promise.  The JAIS Promise option is intended for the highest quality of original submissions.  JAIS Promise submissions will undergo a first-round review with an SE, a blind AE (e.g., the AE will not be aware of the authors’ identity) and, where deemed appropriate by the SE, one or more blind reviewers.  Subsequent rounds of review will be handled by the SE and AE only.   

After the first round, the Senior Editor will either offer a conditional accept or will reject the paper.  The conditional accept may require one, or more, rounds of major revision but the authors will have the commitment of the SE and AE after the first round review to work the paper towards eventual publication in JAIS.  In short, the aim of the JAIS Promise option is for authors to submit their most promising research to JAIS and for JAIS to promise to commit (or reject) after one round of review.  

Authors interested in the JAIS Promise review option should specify this in their submission cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief.  Authors are encouraged to describe in their cover letter what they feel makes their paper particularly exceptional.   Such a description may help the editor and senior editor determine whether the paper is indeed appropriate for a JAIS Promise review.  Unlike traditional reviews in which review teams often need one round of major revision in order to determine whether, or not, they see a potential for contribution, with the JAIS Promise review, this potential must be evident in the first round.  A high standard will be applied to the initial screening of JAIS promise submissions and papers that are rejected either in the initial screen or after the first round will not be eligible for resubmission as a regular submission. Thus, the JAIS Promise review option is only recommended for the highest quality original submissions.

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