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Updates From AIS Region 2 Representative

Tuesday, March 1, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Pritchett

As Region 2 Representative, I am happy to report that despite its traditional US roots, AIS has made great progress over the past years in becoming the truly global association it always strived to be. Region 2 now not only represents the largest number of countries represented (66 of 103 total countries) but even turned out the largest fraction of ICIS 2015 submissions and accepted papers (about 40%).

Besides such progress for our EMEA countries in the scientific community, we need a stronger visibility of IS in society and among politicians and families. Fortunately, in many countries our graduates face the brightest future and compare very favorably with many other areas in terms of salary, job satisfaction and chances to find new employers. Yet, the public is not sufficiently aware of us. With the help of some country chapters, we have begun collecting IS-related labor market data and IS career success stories to paint a colorful and positive picture of IS to foster public awareness of the field. At the same time, this will help to market our IS education programs.

My own data from German speaking-countries indeed shows firms struggle most to find good candidates for IT/IS and R&D functions, that IS/IT graduates get good jobs faster than anybody else, and that across all disciplines, senior IS graduates are most likely to say they chose the right majors. The analysis also helps to overcome some long held nerd prejudice: IT workers are 7 percentage points more likely to be married.

Dr. Tim Weitzel, AIS Region 2 Representative

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