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Please Welcome Our Newest SIGs and College

Tuesday, January 13, 2015  

Julie Kendall, VP of SIGs, Chapters, and Colleges
Rutgers University

AIS is pleased to introduce its three newest membership sub-groups: the AIS Women's Network, SIGOPEN, and SIGC-CUBED.

AIS Women's Network

The AIS Women's Network is a college of AIS. The purpose of the college is to promote a network for supporting women scholars in information systems, and to enable mentorship that expedites the success of women in the information systems field.

Membership in the AIS Women's Network is open to anyone supportive of women in IS and who is a member of AIS in good standing. We will be adding the AIS Women's Network to the AIS website and online membership form soon.


SIGOPEN provides a forum for members to discuss, develop, and promote a range of issues related to open research and practice.SIGOPEN is designed to be inclusive of researchers investigating and engaging in a wide variety of open phenomena and practices, but will initially focus on three core areas of interest: Peer Production of Knowledge Goods; Collective Intelligence, Action and Resources; Open Science and Education. Membership dues will be $10.

SIGC-CUBED (Complexity Causes, Changes, and Consequences)

This special interest group intends to provide an open platform for researchers and practitioners to share current views on information technology (IT) induced complexity and IT-enabled solutions for complexity. IT-induced complexity opens up a new horizon for IS researchers and practitioners to embrace a diverse set of theoretical and methodological approaches in understanding complex business systems. Complexity research in disciplines such as physics, biology, management, and organizational studies has demonstrated the value of complexity science in unifying previous fragmented theoretical views and methodological approaches and inspiring holistic understandings of their phenomena in interest. Membership dues will be $10.

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