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Remembering Sandra Slaughter

Tuesday, November 4, 2014   (2 Comments)

We are saddened to report that Georgia Tech Professor, AIS Region 1 Representative, and admired scholar and colleague Sandra Slaughter passed away on November 3, 2014. Sandra was an integral member of the information systems community, and a dedicated volunteer leader within the association.

After working in industry for a number of years, Sandra pursued her Ph.D. in Management Information Systems at the University of Minnesota. She then went on to teach at Carnegie Mellon University before joining Georgia Techs Scheller College of Business in 2007, where she played an integral role in raising the profile of the faculty and the college. In 2013, Sandra was recognized as the Georgia Power Professor of Excellence at Georgia Tech.

Sandra published more than 100 articles in leading journals, conference proceedings, and edited books. This year marks the publishing of her new book on the software industry, A Profile of the Software Industry: Emergence, Ascendance, Risks, and Rewards. Sandra also served as the co-director of the Scheller Colleges Business Analytics Center.

In addition to groundbreaking research and outstanding teaching, Sandra is remembered for her generosity with her time, talent, and resources. As the AIS Region 1 Representative, Sandra was deeply involved in bettering the professional lives of our members. She championed a number of initiatives, and one that I recall well was the mid-career workshop that she hosted on-site, writes AIS President Helmut Krcmar. Sandra will be missed for her professional acumen, but also for her kind and dedicated personal approach.


John L. King says...
Posted Thursday, November 6, 2014
This is a huge and difficult loss for all of us. Sandy was one of those people I could always rely on to make immediate sense out of difficult problems. She'd look at the problem and think about it, and then say, "I think it's this." And usually it was. I'll miss her deeply. What a shock. What sadness. My heart goes out to all of those close to her.
Daniel S. Soper says...
Posted Thursday, November 6, 2014
This is indeed sad news. Sandra visited our department when I was in doctoral school about 10 years ago, and I clearly remember how she took the time to answer questions and provide her insights to all of us, despite the fact that we were just lowly PhD students. Although she will certainly be missed, a part of her will live on in the form of the students that she taught and the impressive and influential body of scholarly work that she contributed to the scientific endeavor. It was indeed a privilege to have known her. Daniel Soper California State University, Fullerton

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