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Please Welcome the Romania Chapter of AIS!

Monday, March 17, 2014  
In their March meeting, the AIS Council approved the creation of the Romania Chapter of AIS (RoAIS).  This chapter will promote interaction and knowledge exchange among academics and professionals engaged in the development, management, governance, and use of information and communication technology (IT). These interactions will be organized for both private and public sector not only throughout Romania but also in the regional area.

RoAIS benefits include, but are not limited t o:   

  • Networking with other academics and professionals to exchange the knowledge and research results in information systems, including the future direction of curricula and research trends;
  • Collaborate with peers on scientific publications and demonstrations held during the workshops organized by the special interest groups;
  • Help to broaden and advance the careers of IS academics and professionals;
  • Engage in challenging projects aiming to promote the knowledge in information system (IS).

This chapter will not collect dues in its first year, but will charge 20 USD thereafter.

Founding members of this chapter hail from the following institutions:

  1. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
  2. Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  3. Endava
  4. European Commission
  5. Ovidius University of Constanta
  6. University of Galati
  7. Valahia University of Targoviste
  8. West University of Timisoara

    For questions about this new chapter, please contact Dimitri Oprea

    If you would like more information about starting a SIG or chapter, please contact Amanda Bureau.

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