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Technology Awards

Three awards are given annually to those in the IS community who have made significant contributions to the development of AISNet. These three awards include: VISION , ATLAS, and the Challenge Awards. Information about each of these awards is below.




This award is given to those who have contributed to the technology vision for the association. Whereas the ATLAS and the Challenge Awards represent those that have contributed by developing a resource, the VISION award is given to those that have articulated a strategic thrust for the association.

Past Winners

2012: Andrew Burton-Jones, University of Queensland
2011: Dov Te'eni, Tel Aviv University
2010: Dennis Galletta, University of Pittsburgh
2009: Rick Watson, University of Georgia
2008: Dave Haseman and Craig Claybaugh, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


This award is given to those individuals who have made the most significant contributions toward the intellectual infrastructure of the association. The ATLAS stands for the AIS Technology Legacy Award and recognizes those who have, through their lifetime, served the community in a significant way.

Past Winners

2013: Jie Tao
2012: Paul Gray
2010: Reagan Ramsower, Baylor University
2009: John Mooney, first manager of the IS World listserv, Pepperdine University
2008: Blake Ives, founder of IS World, University of Houston and Andrew Schwarz, first VP of AIS Technology, Louisiana State University
2007: Faculty Directory. Editors: Dave Naumann and Jan DeGross, University of Minnesota

Technology Challenge Awards

About the Award

This award is given to the most significant contributions to the development of AISWorld in the preceding year. AISWorld is appreciative of the resource contributions of the individuals, their academic units, and their universities, without whose support there would be no AISWorld. All AISWorld sites, except those that have received the award in the past, are eligible to participate. Awards are not necessarily given every year, but when it is, the announcement of the winner or winners is made at the annual International Conference on Information Systems.

Past Winners

Phase 1: The Birth of ISWorld

2000: ISWorld Mailing List Categorized Archives. Division editor: Ron Weber, University of Queensland
1999: Country Pages. Division editor: Roger Clarke, Australian National University
1998: Virtual Center. Editor: Munir Mandviwalla, Temple University
1997: Faculty Directory. Editor: Dave Naumann, University of Minnesota
1996: Teaching Division. Division editor: Simha Magal, Grand Valley State University
1995: ISWorld and ISWorldnet. Blake Ives, University of Houston

Phase 2: A New Look

2015: Kai R. Larsen, University of Colorado at Boulder
2015: Jan vom Brocke, University of Liechtenstein
2013: Michael Myers, University of Auckland, and Stacie Petter, University of Nebraska at Omaha
2012: John Windsor, University of North Texas
2011: SIGHCI
2010: AMCIS and ICIS website Re-design. Editor: Lei Jin, San Francisco State University
2009: IS Programs Page Re-design. Editor: Peter Polack, VU University, Amsterdam
2008: Call for Papers Page. Editor: John Windsor, University of North Texas
2007: Decision Support Systems Research. Editors: Daniel Power, University of Northern Iowa and Vijayan Sugumaran, Oakland University
2006: MIS Journal Rankings. Editor: Carol Saunders, U. of Central Florida
2005: Theories Used in MIS Research. Editors: Scott Schneberger, Appalachian State University and Mike Wade, York University
2004: EndNote Resources. Editor: Felix Tan, Auckland University of Technology andQualitative Research. Editor: Michael Myers, University of Auckland
2003: IS World Make-over. Andrew Schwarz, Louisiana State University

Award Criteria

A site considered for the award should make an extraordinary contribution in two or more of the following areas:
  • Contribution to teaching and learning
  • Contribution to research
  • Contribution to service or other professional activities
  • Innovation in design and presentation
  • Contribution to creating an IS community of scholars

Nominating a Site

Please send your nomination by completing the nomination form below. Nominations received after the due date will be considered in the following year. The committee will make a decision by ICIS, where the announcement will be made.

Committee Members

After making their decision, the committee will disband and nominate new members of the committee. The new committee members will be prior winners of the ISWorld Challenge Award and others involved in the development of the ISWorld site.

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