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The first Senior Scholars Consortium was held in 2004 at ICIS in Washington D.C. Every year since then, the Senior Scholars have sponsored a panel session at ICIS (open to all) and a meeting of the senior scholars themselves in conjunction with ICIS (by invitation only).

The main purpose of the AIS College of Senior Scholars (CSS) is to provide a forum for senior scholars to discuss important issues that are (or will) affect the IS discipline. Topics for discussion have included the domain of the IS discipline, how the number of A* (high quality) publications published by the IS community as a whole might be increased, and the current state of IS departments around the world.  They have also created a "basket" of journals intended to provide more consistency in tenure and promotion cases.  As many of the senior scholars have the ability to influence deans, promotion committees and other colleagues, the CSS hopes that it can play a positive role both within and beyond the IS field.


Membership of the College of Senior Scholars is by invitation only. The following are included as members of the CSS:
  • All Leo and AIS Fellow Awards winners
  • All current and former Presidents of AIS
  • All current and former Editors-in-Chief of the journals listed in the AIS basket of six journals, plus Journal of Strategic Information Systems and Journal of Information Technology
  • All current and former Conference Chairs and Program Chairs of ICIS

Senior Scholars

The senior scholars group was first recognized as an AIS College in 2014.

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