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Ninth President of AIS:  K. K. Wei

Professor K. K. Wei is the dean and chair professor of Information Systems in the College of Business at City University in Hong Kong. When Professor K.K. Wei was AIS’ president, he helped to promote information systems in Asia. The number of AIS members in the Asia-Pacific region doubled and new local chapters were established in Asia including China, Chinese speaking, and Japan.

Professor Wei has earned significant respect internationally, particularly in Asia where he contributed significantly to the growth and development of IS-research in Asia. Before joining City University of Hong Kong (CityU), Professor Wei was the founding head of the Department of Information Systems at the National University of Singapore. As head of these two major IS Departments in Asia in the past decade, Professor Wei developed a strong research culture and initiated major research efforts that resulted in both departments being placed among the top 15 IS departments worldwide . He also introduced major curriculum reforms that aligned the degree programs in both departments to AIS guidelines, thereby raising the international value of these programs.

Besides being well-recognized internationally, Professor Wei also has significant influence in the Asia-Pacific Region. He is the Cheung Kong Fellow at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, an appointment that honors internationally renowned and well-respected scholars in business who elevated the research standing of the associated university. Other notable achievements in the Asia-Pacific Region and beyond include being panel members for the esteemed Hong Kong research grants council in the areas of public policy research (2004-2006), humanities, social science and business studies panel (2004-2007) as well as the research assessment exercise for business studies & economics panel (ongoing).

He has been particularly active in major AIS meetings, including being co-conference chairman of ICIS-2011 (Shanghai), PACIS-2008 (Suzhou), PACIS-2001 (Seoul) and PACIS-1995 (Singapore) He is the conference co-chair for PACIS-2014 in Chengdu.

Professor Wei is the author of more than 180 journal and conference papers. Based on the Social Science and Science Citation Index, his works have been cited over 1400 times. He has served as senior editor of MIS Quarterly and associate editor of Information Systems Research. His doctoral students have been well placed in universities worldwide.

He is a fellow of the Association for Information Systems.

BSc (Comp Sci), 1980, Nanyang University, Singapore; PhD, 1986, York, UK.

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