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Seventeenth President of AIS: Dov Te'eni

Dov Te'eni holds the Mexico Chair for Information Systems at Tel Aviv University and is the director of the University Institute for Internet Research. When this was written he was the newly installed president of AIS. The following, taken from his first address as president, illustrates his goals for his Presidency:

"In the next year I’ll be building bridges, bridges to industry and bridges within our community. 

Bridges to Industry:

  • More dialog with industry in our conference and workshop programs.
  • Student chapters—create more and retain students after graduation.
  • Work with industry to define the desired profiles of our graduates, and do so in the language of EMPLOYERS and students.

These efforts will help students find more and better jobs, leading to higher enrollments in our classes, and brand IS in our schools, universities, and in industry.

  • Bridges in our Community:More and better networking, communication and collaboration.
  • Build better bridges within the different countries and cultures represented in AIS."

Dov has been an involved member of the IS community since 1985 when he attended the ICIS Doctoral Consortium as a student. In the years since then and prior to his becoming president-elect he participated in numerous AIS committees and activities. For example, in 2008, he co-chaired ICIS in Paris with Frantz Rowe. The meeting had an all-time record attendance and financial surplus. Furthermore, through the sponsorship of UNESCO, people from developing countries were able to come to Paris.

Dov has been especially involved in promoting special interest groups as co-founder of SIGCORE with Michael Davern and Terrie Shaft, and country chapter ILAIS with Phillip Ein Dor. His editorial roles include senior editor for MIS Quarterly and AIS Transactions of HCI, and member of the editorial boards of Journal of AIS, Information and Organizations, European Journal of IS, and Internet Research.

He has been an academic for most of his professional life, holding a faculty position first at Case Western Reserve University for seven years, then at Bar Ilan University, and since 2001, at Tel Aviv University.

For over twenty years, Dov has been studying how computers support people at work, with a special emphasis on people making decisions, communicating and sharing knowledge, and interacting with computers. His research usually combines model building, laboratory experiments and development of prototypes such as Spider and kMail. His integrative paper on supporting communication was chosen for the MIS Quarterly Best Paper Award. Dov’s recent interests focus on approaches to design in human-computer interaction for developing effective organizational systems. He is the author of 5 books and over 100 academic papers with over 70 colleagues. His most recent books are an Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management (with Schwartz) and Human-Computer Interaction: Developing Effective Organizational Information Systems (with Carey and Zhang).

BSc (Economics and Statistics), 1976, University College London; MSc (Information Systems), 1982 and PhD (Information Systems), 1987, Tel-Aviv University.

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