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Fourteenth President of AIS: David Avison

David Avison is distinguished professor of IS at ESSEC Business School and visiting professor at Brunel University.
He stood for the presidency of the AIS on a platform that focused on:
  • Furthering the internationalization of the association
  • Extending its membership base

The further internationalization of the AIS progressed dramatically during his year with the success and all time record of attendees at ICIS Paris (1,400 participants representing 64 countries) thanks also to organizing chairs Frantz Rowe and Dov Te’eni. The proposal that followed the conference of ICIS being rotated round the three regions annually later became AIS policy. The first ICIS "CIO Forum” in Paris proved to be the first of many. During his year, membership increased to ~4000 and changed from being well over 60% North American to very near a 50-50 split, suggesting clear progress in internationalization.

The student chapter initiative – of which the AIS owes much to Munir Mandviwalla – took fruit during his year as president. The first event at Temple attracted over 60 attendees, 41 faculty and 21 student leaders, representing 37 universities and 8 different countries, with all three regions represented.

The new special interest group on Social Inclusion (SIGSI), one of two agreed at the Council meeting in June, like our new student member initiative, aimed to help us to reach out even more.

AIS, being a professional organization, its members need to behave ethically. A draft code of research ethics and a draft code of data privacy were accepted at the council meeting and are now published on the AIS web site. Robert Davison kindly accepted the post of honorary AIS privacy officer for a period of three years. His is a key position for AIS because excellent standards of behavior are as important as excellent research and scholarship.

David has been the joint editor-in-chief (with Guy Fitzgerald) of Information Systems Journal since its first issue in 1990. He has been a member of editorial boards for many journals; and his longstanding association with Information Technology and People and the Journal of Strategic Information Systems are particularly notable. So far, over twenty-five books are to his credit including, most recently, Information Systems Project Management (with Reza Torkzedah) and the 4th edition of the text Information Systems Development: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools (with Guy Fitzgerald) He co-edited (with Jan Pries-Heje) Research in Information Systems: A Handbook for Research Students and Their Supervisors. He has published a large number of research papers in learned journals, edited texts and conferences.

He served as chair of the International Federation of Information Processing WG8.2 (Impact of IS/IT on Organizations and Society) and vice-chair of IFIP TC8 (he was awarded IFIP Silver Core). He was president of the UK Academy for Information Systems. He has been program chair, conference chair and general chair of several conferences and delivered over 20 invited keynotes. For example, he was joint program chair of ICIS 2005 (with Dennis Galletta) in Las Vegas.

He has particularly enjoyed working with Ph.D. students over many years in UK, France and Australia and being a member of faculty at two ICIS doctoral consortia, as well as those for ACIS, ECIS, AIM and UKAIS.

His research is in the area of IS development and more generally on information systems in their natural organizational setting. David’s research emphasizes human, social and organizational impacts of new technology. He developed the Multiview framework for IS development with Trevor Wood-Harper. He is also concerned about the evidence of leaders underestimating the importance of IS. His publications include research using action research, case study, hermeneutic analysis, conversational analysis and other qualitative approaches, as well as quantitative studies.

BA, 1969, Leicester University; MSc, 1973, North London Poytechnic; PhD, 1990, Aston University; HDR, 2003, University of Nantes.

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