AIS Adm Bulletin: Registration Services
AIS Administrative Bulletin  
 Number: 2011.0201.1
 Subject Area:  Conference
 Topic:  Registration Services from AIS
 Last Updated:  November 20, 2012
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AIS registration services in the form of systems and personnel are for the benefit of conferences conducted by AIS-owned conferences, AIS-affiliated conferences, and conferences neither owned nor affiliated with AIS. This bulletin describes the services available, the cost of said services, and the process to follow to request registration services. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the AIS Office Manager

 Description of Services
AIS provides a complete line of services to fully support registration processing for conferences of all sizes. These services include: 

Processing Services

  • design and maintain a secure on-line web registration system – available 24 hours a
    day, 7 days a week;
  • provide a link to the on-line registration form and a PDF registration form to be
    posted on your web site;
  • receive registration forms via fax, mail, or internet and enter advance registrations
    into our conference registration database – daily backup protects your data;
  • send registration confirmation to registrants via email;
  • assist registrants with questions via telephone, fax, and e-mail during normal business
  • process cancellation and refund requests;
  • enter on-site registrations into the conference registration database

Reporting Services

  • send weekly registration reports to designated conference committee members;
  • archive data for future reference

Financial Services

  • establish secure credit card processing site for online registrations (All credit card processing fees to be paid by AIS.)
  • receive and process all payments received via check and wire transfer (Wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the client.)

Membership Requirements

AIS Bylaws 13.3 requires that all attendees to conferences of AIS chapters, AIS Special Interest Groups, and AIS affiliated conferences have active membership in AIS. Conferences which are not owned by or affiliated with AIS but that use AIS registration services are not bound by this bylaw. Groups which are required to report on new AIS members who join (in order to attend the conference) are required to report the name, university, member type, and email address of those new members to the AIS Office Manager within 30 days of conference conclusion. 

Fee Schedule


Member Groups

  • Chapters
  • SIGS
  • Colleges

 Affiliated Groups

  • ECIS
  • MCIS
  • Conf-IRM

Non-Affiliated Groups

  • WITS
  • Others 
 Processing Fee per transaction  $18.00  $20.00  $25.00
 Annual Setup Fee  None  $250  $250
 Initial (one time) Setup Fee  $250  $500


*non AMCIS/ICIS event

Conference Registration Service Agreement and Conference Parameters Worksheet

Applicants for AIS conference registration services are required to complete the Agreement and Worksheet.

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