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Executive Director Message: AIS Council Lowers Conference Registration Fees

Tuesday, March 24, 2015  

Pete Tinsley, CAE
Executive Director

In an attempt to provide more value to AIS members, the AIS Council approved the 2015 AMCIS and ICIS conference budgets with the lowest registration fee in recent years. In my message last month, I reported that this action by Council makes the AMCIS registration fees the lowest in four years and the ICIS fees lowest in seven years. With the cost of most everything on the rise these days, it may be curious to you as a member how this can be done. Without going too deeply into AIS finances, let me give you a snapshot of how things work.

AIS has a limited number of resources from which to raise revenue. Conferences represent approximately 67% of total AIS revenue. The next largest source are dues paid by each member followed by eLibrary subscriptions and job placement fees.  This revenue is then used to underwrite other operations of the organization which do not have separate revenue streams. Fortunately, in recent years attendance at conferences has exceeded expectations, and that has resulted in net revenue which can then be reinvested into AIS. Part of that reinvestment for 2015 is by delivering conferences of equal or greater value, but for less net revenue. The Council feels strongly that this is an important step in providing member value.

Occasionally, we will hear questions about why AIS conference fees are “so much higher” than other conferences. In actuality, AIS fees are comparable if not less than many organizations that offer similar events. Here is a quick comparison of conferences offering similar value in 2015 (lowest available academic/student rates) AIS official conferences highlighted: 

  • INFORMS – $465/ $145
  • ECIS – $505/ $329
  • AMCIS – $525/ $399       
  • DSI – $535          
  • PACIS – $570/ $350
  • ICIS – $625/ $380
  • HICSS – $675     
  • ACM SIG CHI – $800/ $400

Delivering value for the investment each member pays either through conference registration or member dues, is something that we take seriously. The other part of the equation, of course, is knowing what you as a member consider valuable. In an organization as large and diverse as AIS, that can be equally diverse. Some value the research. While others value the recognition. And still others value the community. However you may define value, we hope you will continue to communicate with us what that means so that we can continue developing services to meet those expectations.

Please let us know what you value most about your AIS membership.  Complete this brief poll and be eligible to win a free 2015 conference registration or $100 gift card. 

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