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ItAIS was established in June 2003 (during the ECIS Conference held in Naples) by the prominent Italian researchers in the field of Business Information Systems. The Association is managed by its
btn_viewmy_160x33_itais2 Executive Board and operates by means of many Special Interest Group (each one headed by a Vice-President). The institutional website ( has been developed for promoting the Association and for sharing information among members. In a relatively short time, ItAIS has become an important forum for scholars and researchers involved in the Information Systems domain. Members of ItAIS are academics, researchers and managers of research institutions belonging to multiple disciplines, such as Management, Engineering, Informatics, Sociology, and Psychology.
The annual Conferences of the Chapter gather members and leading national and international researchers to identify and discuss the most important trends in the IS discipline. In occasion of its 2nd annual Conference in Verona, ItAIS awarded a "Claudio Ciborra best paper” prize (Claudio was a founding member of ItAIS and a long standing member of the Executive Board). In addition to its main annual conference, ItAIS stimulates and promotes events in the field of IS. In particular, every year a joint workshop for young researchers is organized in collaboration with the country hosting the ECIS Conference. At national level, many seminars and roundtables are organized, such as the Terracina Research Workshop, the Piacenza Day, and the Alpine Information Systems Seminar. ItAIS is also proactively supporting the development of the Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, in order to encourage the establishment of a Mediterranean IS Community. Finally, great efforts are devoted to reinforcing the Italian participation to the main international events organized by AIS (in particular ECIS, ICIS, and MCIS).
The purpose of ItAIS is to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge among scholars and professionals engaged in the development, management, and use of information and communication systems and technology in both private and public Italian organizations.
In 2011 the ItAIS co-founder Sandro D’Atri passed away. His contribution to the AIS community has been recently recognized by his friends and colleagues in a book that stimulates the debate on the potential of design research in the field of information systems and organization studies with an interdisciplinary approach. The introductory chapter of this book has been kindly made available by Springer and can be downloaded here. More information on the book are available here together with details on the LNISO series that the book initiates.
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