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SIG/Chapter/College Leadership Resources

Thank you for volunteering to lead a SIG, chapter or college. We hope this page provides you with the necessary information, resources and inspiration to meet the goals of your group. If you think we are missing something, please let us know by contacting

How to...

Do you need to do something and you aren’t quite sure how to do it? This is the place for you. Click here to be taken to the AIS groups how to list. 

Elections and Officer Information

AIS I will host elections online. The process is fairly simple. Complete this form with the the following:
• List of positions and candidates
• Introductory message for ballot
• Election Period
• Link to candidate bios/platforms (hosted on your community website)

This information should be sent at least 2 weeks before the election begins to provide time for testing and last minute changes. The ballot link is then distributed to the community membership by your election coordinator in an email. After the elections closes, an email will be sent to the point of contact with the results – votes cast for each candidate.

After an election you will want to notify AIS of the officer changes. To do so, please use this form update officer information

Annual Report

The annual report is required of all AIS communities. The report is a wonderful way for communities to communicate the great work they are doing and for AIS to help communities that may need a little assistance. 

Annual report form - Due February 15, 2018

Best practice: Start the process of collecting the information and completing a draft after ICIS. The executive board of the community should review and approve the final draft before submitting it to AIS.

Click here for a checklist of the information to gather, including:

  • Officer contact information
  • All research and presentations submitted by the community
  • Track and workshop information
  • Awards and recognition given by community
  • Communications to the community throughout the last year
  • Verification of website updates



If you can’t find a recent newsletter in your email, you can find it here! Newsletters are a way for the staff to keep you up to date on what’s occurring with SIGs, chapters and colleges.

Administrative Bulletins

Administrative bulletins are quick information updates on various processes and procedures. They generally reference specific how to videos or resources for completing a task associated with the bulletin.

Forms and Reports

If you need to do something for your SIG/chapter/college, this is likely the place to do it! Please see the forms and reports below.

Additional Resources

Financial Information

Key Contacts

  • Lakshmi S. Iyer, VP of SIGs, and Colleges represents the strategic interests of all SIGs and chapters to the AIS Council. 
  • Melissa Heeke, Membership Director, supports SIGs/chapters by offering membership recruitment strategies, outlining the benefits of AIS membership, and supporting the growth and development of new SIGs/chapters.
  • Brook Pritchett, Communications Director, is available to help you announce and promote chapter activities and news. Send her any information you want to include in the AIS online calendar or news.

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