Survey Instruments in IS by Peter Newsted, Sid Huff Malcolm Munro, Andrew Schwarz, & Tung Cu

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Survey Instruments in IS

Section Editors:
Peter Newsted, Sid Huff, Malcolm Munro, & Andrew Schwarz


Welcome to the "Survey Instruments in Information Systems" (IS) repository. The goal of this site is to provide researchers with actual survey instruments used in IS -- either in full text or via links to the appropriate citations. By "surveys" we mean questionnaires administered in person, by mail, over the World Wide Web, and in other formats. Structured interviews are also included within this framework. Simply stated we are trying to help researchers measure constructs in IS by providing pointers to quantitatively-oriented instruments.

As a significant part of research in IS is done with survey instruments, the IS research community will benefit from an easily accessible source of information about survey methods and especially from a repository of instruments. Our objective is to provide IS researchers and students with a number of these instruments (subject to copyright considerations) along with introductory information on the survey process. The repository is intended to help researchers get started with survey methodology, while also providing a convenient resource for experienced survey researchers. Pointers to a variety of related sites are included.

Information about how this site was developed, and how it has evolved is available here.

About this site

This "living scholarship" was published in MISQ Discovery in December, 1998. The originally accepted work is available in the MISQ Discovery Database.

Navigating this site

Note that italicized links are hot links to small windows with additional information such as a definition of a term or material commonly found in a footnote. Your browser should have Java script enabled to view them. Be sure you only click them ONCE, as a second click will return to the main browser window, and likely eliminate your view of the small window before it can be read.

Help us out with this site

The developers of these pages are responsible for their administration. We encourage you to become involved in this effort, too. You can contribute both links to surveys as well as information about surveys themselves.

We are soliciting help in two specific ways:

  1. If you have a survey that should be included in the database and is not yet listed, please let us know by e-mail, and
  2. If you are currently teaching a quantitative methods class and would be willing to have your class participate in an exercise to look at existing instruments in the IS literature, let us know and we can provide you with an opportunity to help us expand our current database.

Please contact any of us by e-mail:

  • Peter Newsted's address is: petern at,
  • Sid Huff's address is: sid.huff at,
  • Malcolm Munro's address is: malcolm.munro at and
  • Andrew Schwarz's address is: aschwarz at

This is the living version of a work, originally published in the Management Information Systems Quarterly Discovery. The archival version is jointly published by MISQ Discovery and ISWorld Net and has been peer reviewed by the MIS Quarterly. The work is listed in the table of contents for the MIS Quarterly and abstracted there. Citations can be to either MISQ Discovery or MIS Quarterly.This living version is the sole responsibility of its author.

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