AIS Community Leader Resources

AIS Community Leader Resources

Annual Report

For information on preparing a great annual report, click here


Community bylaws must follow the AIS bylaws template. Communities are free to add to it as they see fit, but may not remove any sections from the document.

Community Planning

“In a recent study, highly successful associations and other nonprofits reported that strategic planning has high impact on overall organizational success. These organizations conduct strategic planning as a routine periodic process. Low-success organizations, by contrast, don’t think strategic planning is as important” – Handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management (p. 163)

For tips on developing a simple plan for your community, click here

Educational Activities 

"Promote AIS as a global leader for excellence in information systems research, practice, and education."- AIS Strategic Goal

Education is at the heart of the AIS Mission. We encourage all Communities to offer educational activities to its members. 

For information on using AIS resources to host a webinar, click here.

For information on planning events at AMICS and ICIS review the Important Dates page.


Click here for more information on running your community elections.

After an election you will want to notify AIS of the officer changes. To do so, please use this form update officer information


Guidelines for uploading proceedings to the AIS elibrary.


To see a complete list of financial policies, click here.

To review the process to receive your communities financial statements (SIGs and Colleges only), click here.

To submit an invoice for payment, to be reimbursed for an approved AIS Community expense, or to deposit a check in your AIS Community account, click here

AIS Online Communities

The AIS Online Communities platform is connected to your AIS membership account to create a seamless sign on and will sync your AIS membership information directly to your AIS Online Communities profile. Users can search for other members, share files/documents, and create or reply to a discussion post. Members are encouraged to respond to and start new discussions in your community. Visit the AIS Online Communities home. For more information about implementing this tool, please email


Process for applying for official journal status for AIS Communities.


Do you have some news to share about your community? Let us know and we can help spread the word on the great things your community is doing. Click here to complete the online form.


For a list of past newsletters for AIS Communities, click here.

For past AIS Insiders, click here.


After an election you will want to notify AIS of the officer changes. To do so, please use this form to update officer information.


  • Lakshmi S. Iyer, VP of SIGs, and Colleges represents the strategic interests of all SIGs and Colleges to the AIS Council. 
  • Helle Zinner Henrickson, VP of Member Services and Chapters represents the strategic interest of all Chapters to the AIS Council. 
  • Vice President of Region 1: Stacie Petter Represents the Americas
  • Vice President of Region 2: Tilo Bohmann Represents Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  • Vice President of Region 3: Atreyi Kankanhalli Represents Asia/Pacific
  • Melissa Heeke, Membership Director, is available to support the success of your SIG, Chapter, or College by assisting with your group administration, programs, and services.
  • Brook Pritchett, Communications Director, is available to help you announce and promote chapter activities and news. Send her any information you want to include in the AIS online calendar or news.

Registration Services

Certain conference registration services are available for AIS Communities. For more information, click here.

Revitalization of Dormant Communities

In the case that an AIS Community becomes inactive, AIS will make every attempt to find new volunteers leaders to reactivate the community. Click here for more information on the revitalization process. If you have questions about a community that may be in need of revitalization support, please contact

Access rosters and email members of your AIS Community

To access a list of your members in good standing and to send an email to the group, please click here for instructions.

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