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AIS Launches New Website

Wednesday, August 1, 2012  

We are very excited to share the new AIS website with you! In addition to improving its design and functionality, we have also reorganized and streamlined much of the website's content in order to make it easier for members and prospective members to find relevant information.  Below is a quick look at some of the areas that have been greatly improved by these changes:

  • Membership Management: AIS staff will now be able to better process your membership enrollment requests through a host of new and improved, back-end featured such as enhanced CRM, integrated messaging, task assignments, and more.  
  • SIG and Chapter Management: SIG and chapter leaders and members will now have access to group-specific discussion boards, blogs, enhanced file-sharing capabilities, and more on our new platform.  In order to better understand these changes, please review the group tutorial (Recording ID: 7M24TK; no recording key required).
  • Search Functionality: We have analyzed member data, and have opted for more normalized data with regards to research areas and areas of interest.  This will allow you to easily find your peers with shared backgrounds and/or interests (please update your profile when you log-in so that your peers can easily find you, too!). 

When migrating member data, we were required to reset all users’ passwords as they were one-way encrypted and could not be migrated to the new platform. Please note that you must reset your password (your username will now be your primary email address) in order to access your profile, the AIS eLibrary or the AIS Placement Services.  Once you log-in, you can edit your profile by clicking on "Manage Profile" on the right-hand side of the page. 

As with any endeavor of this magnitude, there are bound to be many ‘tweaks’ and other changes to be made in the coming weeks and months.  In fact, this will continue to be a ‘work in progress’ as we identify further enhancements.  To that end, we ask for your assistance by informing us about any corrections, edits, or other good ideas for additions that you might see.  It is only through your input and ideas that we can continue to improve the site. 

 We are indebted to members of the website task force, led by University of North Texas Professor John Windsor, for their input and guidance.  Thanks also to Richard Baskerville, Georgia State University, and the Communications Committee and Andy Schwarz, Louisiana State University, and the Technology Committee for their leadership on this initiative.  

Please send your input to AIS Communications Director Michelle Syen.

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