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Doug Vogel Assumes AIS Presidency

Wednesday, August 1, 2012  

Doug Vogel, a professor of information systems at the City University of Hong Kong, became the eighteenth AIS President on July 1, 2012. In this article, he discusses his presidential goals for the association, his view on the future of information systems, and more.

What are your goals for your term as president of AIS?

I hope to promote exchange between regions and encourage enhanced levels of practice engagement in global contexts. Engaged scholarship with societal emphasis and global involvement is a keystone towards encouraging more membership and institutional commitment in sustaining our association’s impact. It enables a transition from student membership while enhancing existing member academic and professional credibility in the eyes of the world. Being collaborative by nature, I look forward to membership suggestions.

What sorts of changes would you like to see the field of IS undergo?

As a field, I think we need to put more emphasis on engaged scholarship, with the communities of practice and academics working together to enhance the quality of life. IS now permeates most of that we do in one way or another but is under-recognized from a global-societal perspective. Cross-border collaboration (whatever those borders are) is paramount to our advancement.

What role do you see AIS playing in helping to initiate these changes?

I think that AIS can help initiate these changes by acting a catalyst to encourage members to engage in discussion at all levels in a variety of contexts. This can occur with departmental advisory boards as well as in discussions at conferences, and informally between members in forums. Ultimately, that which we achieve comes from member involvement.

What do you see will be your biggest challenge as AIS President?

I really don’t know yet what my biggest challenge as AIS President will be. My general nature is to remain optimistic and positive regarding the strength of our association and the dedication of our Council in serving our membership. By working collaboratively, I think we can implement initiatives that our members will appreciate and be sensitive to feedback.

Which of the courses that you have taught have been your favorite? Why?

Each year I teach a seminar course that has PhD students from all departments in our College of Business. It is a transition course (often their last) from which the students focus on their thesis and, ultimately, initiate their career. The course provides an opportunity for the students to appreciate the values of other disciplines and begin to create the world in which they will work and live.

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy hiking and backpacking as hobbies and run and lift weights most mornings to try to keep fit. I travel a lot and have visited and worked in over 80 countries during the past 40 years.

For more information about Doug Vogel's experience and expertise, please see his presidential bio, or email him directly.

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