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AIS Creates Two New Outreach Awards

Monday, March 28, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Pritchett

The AIS Council is pleased to announce the creation of two AIS outreach awards to honor those who have contributed to the field of Information Systems beyond the academic community.

The AIS Leadership Excellence Award recognizes a distinguish industry or external community professional for their contributions to the field of IS. The recipient will be chosen from candidates in the region of the current year’s International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). The recipient will be selected for their leadership and have a high reputation for the development use and/or application of IS in the private or public sector in the region. The scope of impact of the selected individual must at the minimum be of national (or international) level.  The recipient will be determined by a committee including the AIS Executive Director and two to three members of the relevant region, as appointed by the President.

The AIS Outreach Practice Publication Award was created to recognize members who successfully transfer research to practitioner audiences in practice-based publications.  The publication can be in any medium in the public domain but not in an IS journal, conference proceedings, thesis or other academic compilation. The publication selected for the award must be publically available with evidence that it has influenced practitioner or decision makers in the public or private sectors and/or researchers in disciplines greatly different from IS. The winner of the Outreach Practice Publication Award will be determined by a volunteer committee of AIS members representing a variety of stakeholders in the community, as appointed by the VP of Communications.

These awards will be presented at the annual International Conference on Information Systems. For more information on these and other AIS awards, please visit

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