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AIS Communities Update

Monday, August 31, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Pritchett

This fiscal year starts the beginning of a review of the SIGS, Chapters and Colleges program with the end goal being a comprehensive strategic plan for the management and enhancement of all SIGs, Chapters and Colleges. The first step in this process involved finding a unifying name that speaks to what AIS is trying to accomplish with SIGs, Chapters and Colleges. Several weeks ago a survey was sent to all SIG, Chapter and College leaders seeking input on what to collectively call the groups. The overwhelming response found members prefer to be referred to as Communities and AIS leadership is excited to implement the name change. Over the next month or so you will see them listed side by side (ex. AIS Communities (SIGs, Chapters, Colleges) ). After that time, we will drop the three names when collectively referring to all of them (ex. AIS Communities).  Individually they will still be referred to by their current names, either a SIG, Chapter or College.


An additional step taken this year involved seeking input from the community leaders on the AIS Communities program. During the AMCIS 2015 meeting, AIS Community representatives shared thoughts on ways to improve the member experience, areas that needed improvement and the strategic direction for AIS Communities. This activity will be repeated at the ICIS 2015 meeting as well. The VP of SIGs, Chapters and Colleges, Dr. Julie Kendall and her committee, will use these areas to guide them in the development of the AIS Communities Strategic Plan. If you are interested in the information shared or the notes from the meeting, please click here.


Interested in adding an AIS Community to your membership? AIS has also updated the process to add Communities to existing memberships. Check out the step-by-step guide to add a new community to your profile today!

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