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Executive Director's Message: To Resolve or not to Resolve

Tuesday, February 3, 2015  

Pete Tinsley, CAE
Executive Director
Association for Information Systems

Welcome to 2015. It is always exciting to start a new year with all its hope, vision, and promise for all things better.  Depending on our experience of the previous year, sometimes we are just giddy to get started with the New Year. And in that giddiness, we frequently find ourselves considering the creation of (the sometimes dreaded) New Year’s resolutions.

Traditionally, I am very bad about establishing New Year’s resolutions. Not that I don’t, I just don’t get it done at the start of the year. What with holiday break and just finding some time to enjoy family, taking time to commit to changing something or fixing something or losing something in the coming year seems, well, daunting.  So this year, I’m cutting myself some slack by easing into the New Year and just creating a few short-term goals that might actually be accomplished. What a concept!

New Year’s Resolution #1: show more appreciation for all the goodness that surrounds us. Let me take a small step towards accomplishing that by recognizing our 2014 ICIS co-chairs Michael Myers and Detmar Straub, and their committee, for the outstanding work they did in planning the Auckland event. If you were part of the 1100 attendees fortunate enough to attend, you know it was a special opportunity. Michael, Detmar, and team really went all out.  Well done gentlemen! 

I’d like to also extend appreciation to Ping Zhang, Syracuse University, for the tremendous job she has done as the AIS Historian (our first) during the past two years.  During our 20th Anniversary year, Ping and her history task force launched a robust IS history webpage.  As well, she has recorded interviews with many of the IS pioneers.  Be certain to check out both resources.   Thank you Ping!

New Year’s Resolution #2: exercise more. In this case I want to exercise my voice by letting AIS members know all the great benefits they enjoy. Here’s the link to all these valuable tools and opportunities. But just like the weights at the gym, they won’t do any good unless you pick them up and use them.  (Make special note of the second semester of Journal Club Webinars that begin this month. See related story in this issue.)

New Year’s Resolution #3: plan a trip. This will be an easy one for us all if we take advantage of the wonderful opportunities for expanding our research horizons by attending an upcoming conference. Here’s a list of those coming up this year:

May 26 – 29, ECIS – Munster (affiliated conference)

July 6 – 9, PACIS – Singapore (newly designated Region 3 Conference of AIS)

August 13 – 15, AMCIS – Puerto Rico (Region 1 Conference of AIS)

December 13 – 16, ICIS – Ft. Worth

New Year’s Resolution #4: don’t commit to more than three resolutions in 2015! Let’s admit it, we are all very busy and most of us already have a full plate. Why create extra stress on yourself and those around you by taking on more than you can reasonably handle? Keep your goals for the New Year realistic.  If you find you’re without anything to shoot for in July…good news, you can set new goals!

On behalf of the entire AIS staff, we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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