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Renewing Your SIG or Chapter Membership

Wednesday, January 14, 2015  

Joining and maintaining SIG and/or chapter membership is now easier than ever!

Joining a SIG/chapter while joining or renewing AIS membership

  1. During the join/renew process, members can choose the SIGs and/or chapters (collectively, “groups”), they would like to join and pay for their group membership(s) along with their AIS membership dues.
  2. The group expiration dates are now in sync with membership expiration, taking the guesswork out of renewing SIG/chapter membership.
  3. If a member is already in a group, his/her group(s) will be pre-selected during the renewal process so they will automatically renew for that group unless they choose to unselect it.

Joining a SIG/chapter while already an AIS member:

  1. Any time a current AIS member decides to join a free group between renewals, they can do so by simply going to the Groups page within their member profile and clicking on “Join Group”. They will automatically be added to the group when they submit their updates. This applies to all chapters since chapters that charge dues do so in their local currencies outside of the AIS system.
  2. If a member decides to join one or more for-fee group(s) in the middle of their membership year, they will link to the AIS store from the Groups page to select and pay for the group. A staff administrator will manually add the member to the group (this process is not automatic as it occurs after joining or renewing AIS membership).
  3. Once officially joined, the individual’s group membership will be in sync with their AIS membership, regardless of when they joined the group. The next time this member renews their AIS membership, they will pay for the group during renewal as described above.

Any AIS member can view the SIG and chapter pages, including rosters, when logged into their member profile. Only AIS SIG and chapter leaders with group administrator access may download rosters for the groups of which they are an administrator.

For additional information, please contact Patrick Dockins, AIS Component and External Relations Manager.

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