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Net Neutrality Update

Friday, August 1, 2014  
Jane Fedorowicz

Immediate Past President, Association for Information Systems
Bentley University

In an effort to increase AIS’ social commitment throughout the world, we polled our members in July on the topics of net neutrality and the role of the association in social outreach. The results of the poll demonstrate the strong support of members to both positions. 86% of members favor a neutral Internet, with 9-1/2% against the concept (4% had no opinion). 92% of members said that AIS should take a formal stand on net neutrality with only 2% opposing such a move (6% had no opinion). As a first step, the leadership team submitted a statement of support for net neutrality to the United States Federal Communications Commission in response to its request for comment on impending changes to Internet governance in that country. You can read the AIS comment statement here. We also started a discussion on the AIS LinkedIn page  on the topic and encourage you all to participate in the debate in that forum.


More generally, 89% of members feel that AIS should begin to formally express opinions on select issues of public concern based on its members’ input. If there are topics that you recommend for consideration, please contact the President, Helmut Krcmar, at


Thank you all for your strong support of our outreach initiative. We plan to have it in place in the near future.

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