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Seeking Nominations for the Best IS Publications Awards

Tuesday, April 29, 2014  

The Senior Scholars are now seeking nominations for the Best Publications of the Year Award to five journal papers published in 2013 at ICIS 2014 in Auckland.  These five papers will not be ranked.

Editors-in-chief (EiCs) may nominate one IS paper from their journal published during 2013 by sending a PDF to either Ming-Hui Huang (, Claudia Loebbecke (, or Joey George (  Please note that EiCs may not nominate a paper that they have authored. 

All nominations are due by June 15, 2014

Award criteria

  • Papers must contribute to the IS field rather than simply refer to computing.
  • The award will reflect the paper's contribution to theory in the IS field, its contribution to practice in the IS field, the uniqueness/originality of its ideas, and the quality of its arguments.


Members of the Best IS Publications of the Year Awards committee will select the five best papers (single blind). None of them currently serves as the editor-in-chief of an IS journal eligible for best paper submissions. The three administrators listed above will not make any selections themselves.

For questions or submissions, please contact Ming-Hui Huang (, Claudia Loebbecke (, or Joey George (


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