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Student Chapter Highlights: Community Service That Commands Attention

Thursday, March 20, 2014  

This series of articles will recognize the achievements of our student chapters in promoting the study and practice of information systems through professional development programs, social networking, and community involvement endeavors. AIS believes that students in information systems are critical to the future of the discipline, and that the successes of AIS student chapters helps to increase the visibility and the prestige of the field.


The American University in Cairo’s AIS student chapter is dedicated to helping not only their own students but the entire campus community achieve academic excellence in their MIS studies. For example, the chapter held a mini conference for the Management of Information Systems graduating class. In an order to help the graduates plan for their futures, professionals from the IT industry spoke and provided their insight on the ever-changing field.

In addition to the conference, the AUC-AIS chapter took it upon themselves to promote the new Management for Information and Communication Technology major in the School of Business, which provides students with both business and technology backgrounds upon graduation. In order to inform the student community of activities, announcements, events, etc., the chapter also installed 2 LCDs to display information around campus. By downloading free software and doing the programming themselves, the chapter saved a great deal of money and efficiently handles troubleshooting with ease. Furthermore, the chapter began working on an online historical archive that includes valuable documents like invoices, reports, course outlines, brochures, resolutions, etc.

They also created a GPA calculator that enabled AUC students to calculate and forecast their GPAs. The tool helped students anticipate their grades in future courses, determine their current GPA, and totalize credit hours earned thus far. To keep students from having to recalculate their information repeatedly, the AUC-AIS students devised an option where the results from the GPA generator could be exported to an excel sheet to serve as a personal record for the student.

American University in Cairo’s GPA Generator

AIS is dedicated to advancing the profession of Information Systems, and students are the future of the profession. An AIS Student Chapter is a great way to attract the best and brightest into the IS field and into your classroom. To learn more about starting an AIS Student Chapter at your school, contact us at

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