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Introducing the Newest AIS SIG: SIG GAME

Monday, February 3, 2014  

The AIS Council has approved the creation of SIG GAME, a special interest group for research at the   nexus of information systems and game design (i.e., video games, gamified information systems, and other game- inspired designs, not game theory). As information systems are increasingly gamified and games increasingly incorporate information system features, it is both useful and promising to investigate the relationship between IS research, game research and game-inspired designs.  

The SIG will provide the following primary benefits to its members:   

  • A forum for discussing the interplay between information systems and games  
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and build relationships with other members  
  • Organized events such as workshops and conference tracks focused on IS/game research
  • Publishing opportunities (e.g., edited books, journal special issues) focused on IS/game research 

This SIG will not collect dues in its first year, but will charge 10 USD thereafter.

The founding members of this SIG are:

  • John Artz, George Washington University, USA
  • Mike Chiasson, Lancaster University, UK
  • Alan Dennis, Indiana University
  • Carlos Ferran, Governors State University, USA
  • De Liu, University of Kentucky, USA
  • Kafui Monu, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Briony Oates, Teesdale University, UK
  • Paul Ralph, Lancaster University, UK
  • Alan Rea, Western Michigan University, USA
  • Radhika Santhanam, University of Oklahoma, USA

For questions about this new SIG, please contact Alan Dennis

If you would like more information about starting a SIG or chapter, please contact Amanda Bureau.

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