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Executive Director's Message: The World of Tomorrow

Friday, February 8, 2013  

In a recent issue of Popular Mechanics (PM) [1], the editors took on the future. Armed with input from inventors, astronauts, chemists, journalists, climatologists, physicists, scientists, academics, and more, PM attempts to develop a tidy little list of 110 predictions of what may be in our future for the next 110 years. It's an interesting read, although you have to decide for yourself how much you believe is based on fact versus fantasy. While the idea of using a drone to help protect endangered wildlife species seems almost "now", the notion that supercomputers will be the size of sugar cubes is beyond mind-boggling.  Of course, it was probably just as mind-boggling to have read in a 1949 PM article that "computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons." 

Predicting the future of the field of information systems can be equally daunting.  Change is forever part of the IS field.  It can be overwhelming in fact. So as fascinating and intriguing as it is to ponder some of these futuristic concepts, I believe it is important to continue to be rooted in those things for which we can base ourselves; namely, those values which can sustain an organization in any environment. I speak of those things such as consistency, purpose, integrity, and vision. 

As the association continues to grow, so does the demand for consistent products and services which can help members advance their careers.  Those products and services must have a purpose which is uniquely offered to our members. The delivery of those products and services must be with a high degree of integrity related to customer service. As well, we must also be able to see into the future a bit, that is, the vision for our future must be clear.  

The AIS Member Service Center (MSC- aka the AIS Office) has recently been restructured to meet the current and future needs of members. Although we continue to operate with less staff than comparable associations of our size, scope, and budget, the restructuring will enable us to do a better job more efficiently and effectively.  Please click here to read about the services we provide, the staff members behind them, and our service pledge.

As James Meigs (EIC) for Popular Mechanics, states "one of the biggest challenges in forecasting the future isn’t understanding technology, it's understanding people – and people don't have an unlimited appetite for change."  So while the world around us changes, at what seems to be warp speed, we will continue to stay focused on you our member so that we understand you most of all.

What do you see in your future and how can we help?  Give us your thoughts here

Pete Tinsley
AIS Executive Director

P.S. And no worries…there’s a list of 10 things that will remain the same in the future which includes Frisbees, pencils, duct tape, and beer…now you can rest easy! 

[1] Popular Mechanics, "The World of Tomorrow” 12/2012

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