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About the AIS Dues Increase

Thursday, November 8, 2012  

By vote of the AIS Council, effective January 1, 2013, the membership dues for the association will increase for the VHHDI membership category as follows:

Current Dues
Dues as of January 1, 2013
Doctoral Student
Under Review
Retired Academic

Note: members in countries listed on the United Nations Human Development Index (High, Medium, and Low categories) pay a pro-rata portion of the above amounts.

For a complete list of dues amounts for each country, click here.

Questions and Answers

When was the last dues increase?

The last dues increase was July 1, 2007 and was used to continue existing services and create new services for special interest groups, grow new chapters, support doctoral consortiums, create a new robust eLibrary, improve paper review systems for ICIS and AMCIS proceedings and journals, create new transitions journals, create new journals, and acquire new acquisitions to the eLibrary. Additionally funds were allocated for conference scholarships to help grow membership.

Why is an increase necessary?

While we have been able to keep expenses at relatively even levels over the last seven years, membership revenues have not kept pace. This is due to the relatively flat membership over the past five years and reflects the comparably flat enrollment in IS courses during the same period.

How will the additional revenue be used?

Most of the additional revenue will be used to fund the current services provided to members for the next several years along with additional services for membership development and enhanced support.

What do I get for my dues?

There are a wealth of benefits included in member dues including unlimited access to leading research via the AIS eLibrary, reduced registration fees for official AIS conferences, free job postings and access to AIS placement services, access to the annual salary survey, access to special interest groups, membership in chapters, and recognition via AIS awards for academic accomplishments and service. Each member also enjoys free subscriptions toMISQ and MISQ-E as well as Journal of the AIS and Communications of the AIS. Please consult the AIS website for a complete list of all member benefits.

How do the dues for AIS compare to similar associations with similar benefits?

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Academy of Management (AOM)
AIS (New)
Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)

If I have other questions about this dues increase, who can I contact?

Please contact Matt Nelson, AIS Treasurer,

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