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AIS Publications Beginning the New Year on a High Note

Friday, January 4, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Pritchett

A Message from Carol Saunders, Vice President of Publications

Happy New Year 2019!  With the start of a New Year, we wanted to take a moment to provide updates on the status of various projects in the AIS Publications area.

AIS eLibrary

The AIS eLibrary continues to be one of the most valuable resources to AIS Members.  Readership and engagement in the AIS eLibrary continues to grow at an incredible pace. Since 2009, holdings in the eLibrary have grown  350% to over 41,000 articles; article downloads have grown from 15,000 to 81,000 per month with access from 183 different countries.  

We continue to add collections to the eLibrary. Even greater access to information system scholarly journals has been added through the AIS Affiliated Journals program including the more recent additions of member access to Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE), Information Technology for Development (ITD), and International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management (IJISPM). More Affiliated Journals are expected to be added in 2019 and beyond.

The AIS eLibrary has grown to provide one of the largest and most diverse collections of academic/scientific information systems related research literature in the world. 

Welcoming MISQ Executive (MISQE) into the AIS family of journals

MISQ Executive (MISQE) is now a member of the AIS family of journals.  This means that access to the journal will be even easier than it was before. The new Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of MISQE, Gabe Piccoli, will assume his new position in January when Dorothy Leidner steps down as EIC from MISQE.

CrossRef DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers)

AIS has now implemented a DOI registration process that builds upon the AIS 2017 agreement with the metadata repository agency, Crossref.  The process continues toward issuing and registering DOIs to all articles in all issues of CAIS, JAIS, THCI, TRR and PAJAIS. MISQE has started the DOI registration process and should have all current articles registered by the end of the year.  As we all understand, DOI’s are critically important to better enabling readers from across disciplines and from across the globe to find and cite your work as researchers, authors and AIS members.

Evaluation of Open Access for some or all AIS journals

A task force has been formed to explore the extent to which AIS should embrace Open Access for its journals.  The task force members include Kevin Crowston, Robert Davison, Kalle Lyytinen, Matt Nelson Chitu Okoli, Gautam Ray, Suprateek Sarker and Ryan Wright. We are searching for ways to enhance the impact of our members’ articles published in AIS journals.  Please look for exciting announcements about Open Access related to AIS journals.

AIS launches online newsletter: InPractice

InPractice is an online newsletter targeted at our practitioner members.  Initially, it will be published quarterly, with the first installation scheduled to appear in the first quarter of 2019. It will showcase articles published in the AIS journals (JAIS, CAIS, PAJAIS, AIS THCI, TRR, and MISQE). Authors of newly uploaded eLibrary papers will be invited by the EIC of the journal in which their paper is going to be published to voluntarily prepare and submit a one to two page practitioner version of their paper.  Dennis Galletta, the AIS InPractice editor, will work with the authors to ensure that their article is written in a style that will appeal to practitioners. The proposal for this newsletter was founded on his fervent assumption that most articles have some practitioner value; however, it has become a truism that most journal articles are not written in a style that is friendly to practitioners. Hence, much of the knowledge generated by researchers is missed by practitioners. At the same time, thousands of student chapter members graduate each year and are lost from AIS membership rolls. InPractice is aimed at keeping perhaps a small portion of them active and knowledgeable about current research. Presumably all summaries will be accepted eventually after “enhanced copy editing” to correct not only grammar and spelling, but also to provide suggestions for heightening practitioner interest in the article.

AIS posts results of Senior Scholar Survey of journal review processes

AIS has posted the results of the first annual survey of Senior Scholars about the review processes of the Basket of Eight journals. The inaugural 2018 survey was conducted over AISWorld last January and February. It asked authors to assess the quality and timeliness of reviews they had received in 2017 from the eight basket journals (excluding desk rejects). Survey results indicate that the Journal of AIS (JAIS) is viewed as a ‘Net Promoter’ with favorable ratings for quality and timeliness. The survey results may be viewed at:

New Editor-in-Chief to be selected for the Journal of AIS (JAIS)

On June 30, 2019, Suprateek Sarker, after having served six years, will be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of JAIS.  A Search Committee has been formed and has been working to select his successor. The members of the search committee are Soon Ang, Andrew Burton-Jones, Ola Henfridsson, Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Jan Recker, Suprateek Sarker and Carol Saunders (chair).

New Editor-in-Chief selected for Pacific Asia Journal of AIS (PAJAIS)

James “JJ” Jiang, National Taiwan University, has now served as EIC of the Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems (PAJAIS) since July.  He is replacing T.P. Liang who was the founding EIC of PAJAIS. JJ and T.P. have written a joint editorial to be published in the first issue of 2019 (Volume 11, No. 1) that reviews past PAJAIS publications and details the broad future direction of PAJAIS. Please read it! One of the changes at PAJAIS is that Scholar One has been configured to accept your PAJAIS submissions for the review process.

New Editor-in-Chief selected for AIS Transactions of Human-Computer Interaction (AIS THCI)

We are proud to announce that Fiona Nah is the new Editor-in-Chief of AIS THCI. On January 1, 2019 she replaced co-editors Paul Lowry and Dennis Galletta. Dennis Galletta was a founding EIC of AIS THCI. Last year the Chartered Association of Business Schools journal ranking list in the United Kingdom elevated the ranking of THCI from ‘4’ to ‘3’.

Replication Project of AIS Transactions of Replication Research (TRR)

As scientists it is important for us to replicate research findings so that new knowledge can be independently validated and scientific consensus can emerge.  While this is true of all the sciences, it is especially true of the social sciences where humans --- with their free wills to act as they see fit in different (and the same) environments --- are the object of study.  Unfortunately, journals in the social sciences, though eager to publish novel findings, are not usually excited about publishing the results of replication studies, especially if they are insignificant, or maybe contrary to findings of their most highly cited articles. To the best of our knowledge, TRR is the only journal in the Information Systems discipline --- and, possibly, any other discipline --- that publishes only replication research.  For four years now AIS TRR has published empirical replications of prior laboratory, survey and field research, be they qualitative or quantitative. Please promote a culture in our discipline that encourages replication by conducting and submitting your replication research to TRR. 

Award-winning AIS Publications

We are pleased to announce the following publications have received awards from AIS in 2018 as selected Senior Scholar Best Information Systems Publication Award.

  • European Journal of Information Systems: "Service robots in hospitals: new perspectives on niche evolution and technology affordances"
    Authors Tobias Mettler, Michaela Sprenger, and Robert Winter
  • Journal of the Association for Information Systems: "A Paradox of Progressive Saturation: The Changing Nature of Improvisation over Time in a Systems Development Project"
    Authors Wolfgang Alfred Molnar, Joe Nandhakumar, and Patrick Stacey
  • Information and Organization: "Governing open source software through coordination processes"
    Authors Maha Shaikh, and Ola Henfridsson
  • Information Systems Research: "Politics and Information Technology Investments in the U.S. Federal Government in 2003–2016"
    Author Min-Seok Pang
  • MIS Quarterly: "Platform Ecosystems: How Developers Invert the Firm"
    Authors Geoffrey Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne, and Xiaoyue Jiang

Other Changes at JAIS and CAIS

As part of our promise to make journal practices more transparent, the institution of EIC term lengths and the process for selecting the EICs at AIS indexed journals (e.g., JAIS  and CAIS) have been formalized and written into the By-Laws. A new and exciting professional makeover of JAIS was launched during 2018! 

Indeed, there are many active ongoing projects in the AIS Publications and eLibrary area.  Many thanks are extended to the AIS Publications Committee, the Journal Editors, Associate Editors, reviewers and retiring Editors-in-Chief!  

Most importantly, we thank you, the Authors and AIS Members for continuing to send your papers and support AIS Journals, AIS Conferences, AIS Chapter Journals, Workshops and Affiliated Journals.

As this will be the last end-of-year note that I will be writing, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your allowing me to serve as your Vice President of Publications.

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